Italian Recipe: How to Make a Pizza from French Bread

Fantastic pizza recipe make with French toast instead of the pizza dough. Easy and simple. Enjoy!


shawnny20sa says:

Niceeee u made me hungry lol

MrsGusK8 says:

I love it.Perfect French bread pizza.I going make this soon.Too yummy for words.Thank you so much

jlcp75 says:

me too haha

Alexandra Mina says:

Great ***

Alexandra Mina says:

I really want to try this! It looks grst

HannahAndHolly0804 says:

When ever you make cakes and ect. Can you tell us how much ingredints you are using like 5 tablespoons of this 3 cups of that! Thanks and i love your channel

Alina Abeshyan says:

making this right now

Myzz Nisey says:

Okay Monique im loving the videos. Finding things that I can make with my niece.

EeveelutionStorm says:

I really like this idea. I love making pizza for me and my mother especially alfredo and pesto pizza’s (we really just can’t eat normal tomato sauce pizza anymore…Pesto has spoiled us) and I listened to this using pre-sliced french bread whilst I made a leftovers pizza with thinly sliced bell pepper and red onion with chicken. (I dunno why chicken and red onion go so good with it

Rory Cosma says:

I love your energy! I’m a a huge fan of your work!!!

LineghieTheGeek says:

Earned a subscriber! I’m going to try this for tomorrow’s dinner 😀

vikii0606 says:

This was so good! My family loved it. I only made the chicken alfredo but still was really goo. 🙂 thnxs for sharing.

Gretchen Querijero says:

Looks so yummy! I’m gonna make one. 🙂 thank you for sharing.

smoshDawson14 says:

I am sooooooo gonna make this

Tomb Stone says:

This looks great

Latisha Yang says:

Well wtf is she gonna do with half a loaf of bread when there’s 3 of them.

beccamarch56 says:

Why make 4 when there’s 3 of u

kjbrocky says:

I really enjoy your channel! Thank you 🙂

Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

Wow, that looks delicious. Nice video.

chocol8b says:

I totally tried this and it was Delicious!!!

Siham Ahmed says:

I made this is soooooo good . My favorite lunch

Agnes Oshiro says:

I think I have found my soulmate 😀

Agnes Oshiro says:

You’re the best 😀

lovingcollege1 says:

I will definitely try this once school starts again.

katieleivasful says:

I hate that I can’t taste it!!! Ahh

CupcakesDeluxe says:

I hate when you talk about how fluffy it is or how good the crunch his and stuff like that. makes me hungry lol.

Alicia Persaud says:

sweet baby jesus

Calla Lily says:

Just found your channel. You’ve got a new subbie and I love this recipe idea. I will be making this soon!  Looking forward to view older and new vids.

Jasmine-E Dade says:

Wy does all of your resipes LOOK SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!:)

poker0157 says:

I love you.

Leticia Landeros says:

I love all your videos your the best cook just loving all the cheese , so easy and so Delish please upload more good cooking ❤

ashley moore says:

Let me tell you something, ok? I made this with my fav spaghetti sauce mix, Monterrey Colby, and ground beef. I ain’t never tasted pizza so good. You the effin ish! Okay!

lpshops999 says:

Looks awesome!

shazlina9 says:

Awesome.Freaking love your vids.Thank you !!!

Nsly lee says:

i am so gonna try this ! btw if i don’t like the spinach , what can i substitute it with ?

Pa Houa Thao says:

I want some. Looks delicious.

Peapaful says:

Torturing myself for not eating lunch and watching cooking videos… What’s wrong with me?

ayeeeitsashley says:

I made this last night for my husband, and he loved it! Thanks Diva! (:

kroooassant says:


kroooassant says:

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