Italian Recipe: How to Make Authentic Spaghetti and Meatballs

Great recipe on how to make homemade, authentic Italian spaghetti and meatballs. Very tasty and delicious Italian favorite. Enjoy!


Lyndsay Wells says:

Wonderful! I’m sure you will love the dish – god luck!! xo

Charnell Graham says:

Im inspired. Im goin to try this tomorrow.

Lyndsay Wells says:

*grin* Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

Rocket Ron says:

every time i see it im always sooooooooooooo hungry

Lyndsay Wells says:

Thanks for letting me know Dylann 🙂 xoxo!

DYLANN36 says:

I used this recipe today and it turned out delicious!! Thank you!!

Fariha Nahian says:

I am so hungry right now! :O

jasminegiles94 says:

You’re not a witch you’re a gifted child of God.

Neika Hoyt says:

I love spaghetti

CupcakesDeluxe says:

19 or 90 minutes?

Lyndsay Wells says:

Thank you so much!

T Dunning says:

This looks delicious, I can’t wait to make it…my mouth is watering!

الكوثر الشطي says:

Kathykoko yummy:-)

Lyndsay Wells says:

Nice! Let me know how it goes.

ApexHC says:

Trying your recipe right now! First timer! We’ll see how it goes. Thanks ! 🙂

Lyndsay Wells says:

You will love it :-)

Kelly Vo says:

I can’t wait to try out this recipe!

Lyndsay Wells says:

Yes 🙂 It’s an adapted version of the one from Allrecipes. I’ve made a few minor changes but have given credit to the original recipe along with link to it in the video description box. 

I'm An Emblem says:

LOOOL this is exactly allrecipe’s recipe I’m not even kidding LOOOL go check it out

Mason martinez says:

That looks so delicious….when I get better…ill try to make it

Lyndsay Wells says:

Thank you so much JOLO – that means a lot to me! Please tell your mother I sad hello 🙂

Lyndsay Wells says:

Thank you so much!!

Stephen Chao says:


Akash Sangha says:

Im only 11 i don’t know I might unsubscribe

Lyndsay Wells says:

Thank you so much for letting me know. I hope you enjoy my channel!

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