Italian Recipe: How to Make a Great Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatball is a all time Italian favorite recipe. This video will show how to amke a simple spaghetti and meatball. Enjoy!


mia akrigg says:

Dis is so old!

880347079 says:


muse7690 says:

It doesn’t taste good unless you add herbs and whatever else you want into the sauce. Satee the ground beef with garlic and onions, mushrooms, and there you go, the whole shabang! lol

TheYanicca says:

Red pepper flakes not necessary at all.

rachel ang says:

you know im just 10?

theresa bollman says:

ok but please add some grated cheese to those meatballs! Very nice dish.

vidsfromrobloxinc says:

I only know how to make eggs…

Wizard101GameplayFTW says:

I’m 14 and all I know how to make is a bowl of cereal! (-_-;)

Irish Thorpe says:

I,m Ezio!!!

mryjn420090 says:

Step 1: Get a can of chef boyardee spaghetti
Step 2: Empty in bowl
Step 3: Microwave

I am 21 years old

jackmin000 says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so right 

colinkaeprinickrules says:

So many steps

aparecida borges says:

so troppo complicato per fare meglio e più semplice

frank white says:

my uncle should do a video how to make it, he coulda been a chef if chefs only made spaghetti ha

cryogenikz says:

speghetti didn’t come from the arabs lol. the noodles came from china

specliac says:

1 minute into the video and I’m like, Noodles, Meat, and Prego – check

edwin maciel says:

fuck all that im calling my mom

Giratina258 says:

How many people does this serve ?

aremieroll1990 says:

just wondering can the wine we change with grape juice or anything that non alcoholic?

anthonysitalianfood says:

there are several important steps left out of this process.

Angel Vaquera says:


ernest guzman says:

i’am hungry

goldguy112 says:


nini barajas says:

ok this video is dumb they just add alot of extras spaghetti is the simplest thing to make but they make it seem like mission impossible almost

johnny6795 says:

Bitch do u really thing I have all those fucking ingredients!!

ReBekah Neighbors says:

How to make spaghetti my way:
Step one- boil water
Step two- put spaghetti in water
Step three- once spaghetti is soft drain it
Step four- pour as much of the rago you want onto spaghetti.
DIG IN!!! 😉

NoStress90s says:

fuck it. gonna wank it

yoleeisbored says:

um because you’re underage? You like lamb better than pork? lol, i have no idea why you’re adding these ingredients.

Ameer Hammod says:

For the red wine, I am gonna subsitute beef stock. For the ground pork, I am gonna subsitute lamb mince. Guess Why and Reply.

kuzco170 says:

bad idea bro

byrddful says:

Half of the fucking video is ingredients.

Artemis Onyx says:

BLARGH all you have to do is but meatballs,sauce,and pasta =_=

jamilsuriel says:

i spent 21 dollers just to make meat balls wtf

Marcus Banks says:

you hit the nail on the head .

Ese1Pac says:

holy fuck i thought i was going to need like 5 things MAX turns out i need like 55 :I

Skrillexisbad says:

lol meatballs hahaha you guys havent ade this joke u suk

Manuel Castillo says:

To much time to make this….

Matteo R says:

you guys cook italian food as SHIT! Black pepper??? oregano??? RED WINE??? oh my god! I don’t understand why you mix spaghetti and meatballs…I’ve seen this thing during a movie “super mario Bros.” with Bob Hoskins..this is pure stereotype! and PLEASE…olive oil, it’s not an OPTIONAL 🙂

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