Italian Recipe: Delicious Healthy Broken Spaghetti Pasta – Risotto Style

Great video showing how to make Broken Spaghetti Risotto. Again another great healthy vegetarian dish that is absolutely delicious. Enjoy!


alexovichsky says:

What will happen if you add white wine?

Anne Neko says:

He said ‘Up to you’

OldeVikingOriginal says:

4:03 “Fuckyou” O_p

Natalie Nieto says:

In Mexico They Would Call This ‘Sopa De Fideo’ Or As My Brother Calls It ‘Poor People’s Soup’

shadow87499 says:

I’m makin this for my lunch chef john!!!

Merril Seal says:


Olivia Mejorado says:

I’m thinking the same as many here…is this sopa de fideo???

biily rat says:

you sounds like John C Reilly lol

gingercoriander says:

El Dante doesn’t mean the devil, at least not in italian. Dante is the author of “La Divina Commedia”

gingercoriander says:

It’s “al dente” in italian

CuteLittleWolfie says:

Wow! Yum!

Trishanna Robertson says:

It’s when the pasta is still a little firm to bite.

fruitsbluv says:

I burnt mine while chopping the garlic bleh :/

potbottle says:

nice dish!


I just subscribed, I like your style.

desertsonata says:

Oh, man, pecorino. I miss that pineapple-cheese.

Spana06 says:

Is broken spaghetti the same as Fideo noodles? This looks just like something my family makes called sopa.

Alexi Septimus says:

Maybe ricotta, but never cream.

echovector says:

What you described is “Al Dente”.

What he wrote was “El Dante”…..The Devil.


MrMangopie1 says:

italian for “on the tooth” meaning not to soft with a little bite:-)

mhndi says:

right after i saw this i decided to make it. i forgot that the stock i used was preseasoned. i decided to add extra cheese and on top of that a BIG pinch of salt. i ruined my taste buds after this. OH and i thought that by adding cream it would make it more delicious, boy was i wrong…..

mhschmidt77 says:

“El Dante” lol

mhschmidt77 says:

“Eladante” lol

Abby Williams says:

m gonna cry cause i have no cheese f m l

Vasco Soares says:

Isn’t this a bit like a fideuá?

singabouteverything says:

When the noodle isn’t completely cooked. A slight crunch, not even a crunch, a chew. It adds a great and interesting texture to a dish.

IcarusTuga7 says:

This video puts my stomach very horny 😀

AnotherGreenMidget says:

I didnt even know they sold broken spaghetti! XD!

thefruitbar says:

Just made it! Left it on the pan too long, so besides being a little dry, it’s great!

Bencat1832 says:

i’m surfing for dish to cook for my hubby’s lunch pack, i come across to this, it’s my first time to see frying spaghetti like that. It looks yummy. I’d like to try but would it be ok if I put it in a lunch box for him to eat 5 hours later?

rushmixtape5 says:


Heinrich Loewe says:

Chef John, please do a video on porcini risotto please!!

alyssarae711 says:

So fideo…lol yum 🙂

Moon. Shines says:

am 18 and i found ur channel 6 months ago,since then i have many tried of ur recipes

like red velvet cake, crepes, cottage fries, deviled eggs, pasta carbonara, and a few more

right now at this very moment i am enjoying the broken spaghetti risotto and its so refreshing and simple and a comforting food as i am so sick right now..

in short its a HEll of a Recipe

thanks for such great recipes…

ur fan now..!!

Riccardo9245 says:

I’ve done this with other kinds of pasta and it is just as good (=delicious), it just takes longer, according to the size of the pasta (really? wow…)

Phyuck Yiu says:

That’s what fine-dining is

Phyuck Yiu says:

isn’t that fideo? italian style

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