How to Make Restaurant Quality Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara is one of those Italian dishes that different chefs have their own version of.  This is a great Spagehetti Carbonara recipe where the chef stresses the importance of the quality of the ingredients used.


MrAndyroo999 says:

One thing, a true Carbonara uses Pecorino Romano cheese not Parmigianno Reggiano

Paolo Corsini says:

Buona la frittata…

HuffingtonPostUK says:

Glad you enjoyed the recipe! Have you tried any of Theo’s other recipes?

SuperRnine says:

I did the recipe and it was amazing. Simple and perfect.Thanks for the recipe. People tend to overcomplicate. And food is like music if you mix too many instruments-flavours you get noise-tasteless food.

cristianvst82 says:

Yes, so show up more of the taste of the carbonara 😉

ksenos69 says:

He let’s the eggs flown from Italy or what…?

matteolegna says:

Anyway, I have just read that, according to the tradition, the choice of guanciale over pancetta is mandatory in the case you are preparing pasta all’amatriciana, but both are equally accepted for the carbonara. By mistake I have swapped the two 🙂

HuffingtonPostUK says:

Thanks for the feedback on how Italy does it! It’s interesting that you use the whole egg rather than separating the two parts.

HuffingtonPostUK says:

We don’t get guanciale so easily here in the UK, which is why Theo’s used pancetta instead!

cristianvst82 says:

This is not the real italian receipt. In the spagetti alla carbonara we use the guanciale and not pancetta; then the eggs goes put all the content, and not separate albumen and yolk

kyrios0307 says:

In the USA there are turkey bacons and for some people who cant eat pork because of kosher / religion / health issues use turkey as an alternative. Although it’s less fatty, salty, and flavorful for spaghetti carbonara.

matteolegna says:

In Rome they say that spaghetti alla carbonara should only be made with guanciale instead of pancetta. This is because guanciale has more of a “layered” structure: a layer of “hard” fat, a layer of relatively lean meat and a layer of “soft” fat. The latter melts and fries the first and the second that become a bit crisp but not dry.

HuffingtonPostUK says:

We’ve not come across turkey bacon! Where in the world are you?!

Jason Cimbolo says:

I actually like to use turkey bacon

Alexandre Fachin says:

This recipe is gold! Thank you!

lumpfish99 says:

my neighbour she say only when goat is ready

TheSnowBall says:

Seems to be alot of different ways to do carbonara..
No whites, eggs last, pasta with pancetta in the pan FIRST, pecorino, parmesan, etc etc.

Is there no decades old Italian housewife cookbook with the classic “true” and tested way?

HuffingtonPostUK says:

It will definitely crispen better than bacon but if you can’t get hold of any then bacon can be a substitute.

runchanapong says:

Yes, but I think the pancetta is better than the bacon!

HuffingtonPostUK says:

You can indeed! Have you tried it out yet?

runchanapong says:

Can i use the bacon either??

HuffingtonPostUK says:

It’s great that you’re enjoying our series with Theo so much! We’ll put forward the recipe ideas for the next time that we film with him! Thanks for the feedback.

MaciekGalaxy says:

Theo’s recipes are absolutely delicious and the way he explains everything is very educational. I am so grateful for this series and Theo agreeing to share his culinary secretcs. 🙂 If there was anything I’d like to see, that would be a simple bucatini all’amatriciana pasta or anything desserty. Thanks again.

HuffingtonPostUK says:

We’ve tried it ourselves and it’s a really simple dish! Have you looked any of Theo’s other recipes in our playlist? Or is there any recipe you’d love for us to make a how to of?

bobnlouie says:

Fantastic, and it looks so easy. Thank you.

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