How to Make a Great Aglio e Olio Garlic Spaghetti Pasta Dish

Great homemade spaghetti with garlic and olive oil recipe. There are so many different versions of this famous Italian dish and here is another great one. Enjoy!


WhatMichelleLikes101 says:

Lol, same here <3

lillianao12 says:

Did you ate the pieces of garlic as well or just put that aside?

qiao yi ooi says:

I tried it just now! It taste really good. Thanks Laura. 😀

adasand21 says:

My kind of recipte!

StoneOfMoon says:

I don’t care if my sister hate garlic, I am still going to cook this someday! xD

Roi Mizrachi says:

guess what laura?
I used tortalini and almonds(its all i had) and it was the shizzll!

Starrider Last says:

i don’t know what would be more delicious …garlic fused with olive oil or you covered up with it … tssssssssss

Cristian Cortez says:


glozellishot says:

ifu can find pperonchino or what u said lol how much do i use

Jay Jay Loves u says:

is that your real house?

CoRteZ1492IsBaCk says:

well i use to put the cooked spaghetti onto the pan. the spaghettis will make the garlic a bit more crunchier. i like it more my way.

Kate Sandra says:

i tried it and it tastes good but i put too much oil :/

HomeBuyersofOhio says:

Awwww man…that looks good..and its simple enough for me to try. Thanks Laura

rrrandomstranger says:

i don’t speak italian but i love everything she said at the end of the vid 🙂

ssive0922 says:


Randy TheRam says:

I see what she did, she moved the pasta aside to get all the pigniolis. Clever. Sneaky. Sly!

irenefelton1 says:

That’s what she said

ckwkaty says:

맨날 와서 보고 있어요. 이건 채식하는 사람도 시도해 볼 수 있겠네요. 화장도 예쁘게 되셨고, 보라색도 잘 어울리세요. 이태리어도 참 예쁘게 쓰시네요. 덕분에 이태리에도 가 보고 싶어요.

Wheatbeerlover says:

That´s what she said… 😉

I'm An Emblem says:


nr98001 says:

I’m surprised no grated parm on top haha, but I trust Laura know’s what she’s doing 😛

sandrodream2 says:

try to put crude olive oil not cooked, salt pepper and parmiggiano, are better with crude extravirgin olive oil and tell me

Giamby986 says:

Laura sei grande!

Yuuki Asuna says:

I made this today and it really is delicious, but I have to say that 1/2 cup of olive oil really isn’t enough for a pound of spaghetti. I used about half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes and next time I will be using a full teaspoon (I love a spicy kick), and for meat lovers out there: substitute the pine nuts for prosciutto. The end result ended up being really amazing and delicious.

seldin911 says:

Just right in my mouth…:) I love it

Steven Chavez says:

I try garlic oil with pasta it was great, next time I will add pine nuts… thanks for sharing and yes u make cooking sexy.. thanks.

Irish De Leon says:

So yummy

Irish De Leon says:

Eating this while chatting with my sister

rockyfan1990 says:

The oil that you fried the garlic was extra virgin olive oil right?

Henry Yum says:

no parmesan?

1ChristopherNolan says:

this is my favorite recipe ever…any one can do it…

Julia Lucignoli says:

Yes that was Italian in the end. so proud of her <3

Julia Lucignoli says:

it wasn’t burnt! it was crispy and crunchy and yummy!

Leia Carpio says:

i think she had the garlic burnt

Pederdev339 says:

Damn that looks good, I wanna try it

Xuaniilein says:

Made this for my family and they loved it! Will made this again!
Thank you Laura!

ElectricBouzaglo says:

“Just right in my mouth.” Yes “It’s going to be hot though.” Yes, it’s always hot baby.

I’ll bring the napkins.

ElectricBouzaglo says:

It’s usually 8-10 minutes.

Aquesha Dru says:

read the package dear

Paw Ola says:

This is my favorite recipe of all time!

Michelle Chheung says:

how long do you cook the spaghetti for?

roberta sole says:

non avevo mai cucinato gli spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino ( che sono FANTASTICI) con i deve essere una gustosissima variante.COMPLIMENTI LAURA

Mino Tella says:

no salt??

atomes0 says:

Looks like easy and so delicious! I’ll try to cook this recipe, thanks!

byrsa ayrsa says:

butoh!!! buat aku lapar je….

emyluvcutie123star says:

So I want to do this where I can have peace and without older sib. or younger sib. Bothering me….even my mom

emyluvcutie123star says:

Actually there are 62 dislike…… Laura your cooking look wonderful but I wanna do this when I have my own place because my family is big and they tend to bother me all the time

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