Another Simple Recipe on How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara has a few variations and this is another great video showing how to make this Italian favorite. Enjoy!


MrAndyroo999 says:

Im with the Italians on this and don’t get annoyed if they criticise people making their regional recipes wrong. I would be the same if I saw someone put ice cream in my traditional British Sunday roast! This is the same feeling for the Italians but with their food you can understand. Unfortunately Carbonara is not one of those recipes that evolves easily to still be called Carbonara, this sadly isn’t one.

MswishWash stoning says:

So many Italians

claudinaion says:

carbonara use egg, or just the egg yolk, and sometime can be added with dairy products (like butter, cream, etc) . i think there is no exact thing in recipe, recipe is growing and developed as it spread in other countries

PeLaMunca says:

Onion in this rec ???? wtf is wrong with you (Italian chef)

joecel madiales says:

its eww 🙁

xiiaolianq says:

Can i remove the onion and garlic? 🙁 I hate them

Sean Lyons says:

how not to make carbonara…

Phil Perry says:

You actually use the water of the pasta to add moisture to the sauce, not olive oil.Carbonara needs way more black pepper.This is clearly a fail.

TheCunnu12 says:

Traditionally there’s no wine. Please teach how to make hot dogs don’t teach things you don’t know. PLAIN AND SIMPLE,


I’m italian

abphotoart says:

I’m italian…but carbonara it’s not right in this way!!!!:( says:

The white wine is optional-but if you’d like a substitute try chicken stock!

Yamio Lawrence says:

if theres no white wine? says:

Thank you for your question. Traditionally, the recipe is made without cream. The cheese, egg and wine create a creamy sauce. If you would like to add cream, you can certainly do so. This will make 8 servings. Hope you try the recipe and let us know how you like it.

spongydrago says:

Also, how many portions does this serve?

spongydrago says:

I thought bacon carbonara requires CREAM. So, can we just bypass the cream?

jorgeluisaja says:

That is not the authentic way of making it!! says:

Thank you for your question, Marcel. Because bacon is so high in fat, there is no need to add any butter or oil to the pan.

Marcel Winkler says:

Do I put butter or something in the pan before adding the bacon?

Brock Keeling says:

Do NOT add the egg mixture while the pan is over heat. WTF?! Also, no need to add olive oil to the pasta as it sits. Insane.

TommYHSC says:

Everything but carbonara

christopherstwin says:


akid misran says:

@Jesus Christ Hahahahah really it was sooo bad ? thanks for saving my life

Andrea Ascenzi says:

if this is carbonara i.m the pope! who is this masterchef cooking? absolutely disgustive

romance698 says:

This recipe is delicious but the main ingredient is coarsely ground black pepper in the eggs and also in the eggs batter you should add pecorino romano cheese, not ground but grated.

Mark Freeth says:

stop with the hate. This recipe is good for beginners and is fine to use

pureoaknut says:

Looks deelish.

gdilov says:


90ina90 says:

or laura vitale

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