How to Make Healthy Greek Lamb Kleftiko on the Barbeque

Great healthy lamb Kleftiko recipe on the barbeque served with a great fig dessert. Absoluely delicious. Enjoy!


thelolguy7 says:

Shit is going down

TheTrohl says:

How can one man have so much fun by just existing?

thelouisfanclub says:

Looking good ainsley! 

Froggysmod says:


K1rkHammet says:

lol he is high on meth

Michelangelo Hamato says:

I watch his videos just for his enthusiasm I guess, as I don’t even know how to cook 😀

RyanL95lol says:

I wanna cook like this now…

Boaraes says:

how is that funny?

antipro8 says:

Love this guy

Lebron James says:

hes like a lepricon that found a pot of gold

alexace31190 says:

Ainsley’s dance moves are fucking fabulous. 10/10 would cook on a cliff with.

Alexander Presslie says:

I can’t beleive you unlocked my negitive comment just to troll. Also you have no sence of humour.

kiddaladies says:

Really man that’s such a fked up thing to say. I really hope you fell of a cliff.

apieceoftofu says:

this dude has the best job EVER! get paid to dance and cook and smoke dope ontop of mountains…

angersnake says:

I wonder what the greeks were thinking when they saw a guy dance on top of a cliff like that lol.

Billakos402 says:

Look at those mothefucking moves

samolux says:

Now THIS is cooking!

takoon513 says:

that and i’ve had some of the food he’s made (not literally made by him) its freaking delicious

TheHitlerBart says:

Its time to oil up.. We wouldn’t want it to get stuck would we ?..

blick blackson says:

i bet ainsleys got a dick like a pringles can

SiarnaqModelP says:

Dancing right next to a cliff, while grilling.

This has to be the happiest man on the planet.

SilverStarEyes says:

I think hes funny and charming,I live in Greece and Greeks are not carefree they’re extremely serious.

Deathofblades says:

I’ll have to admit. Your comment made me laugh really hard!

wtfd00d08 says:

i cant stop laughing

Hemant Samtani says:

i think you got a thing for black penis 🙂


“serve immediately” i’d let ainsley serve me immediately…
and hard.

supraguy2jzgte says:

i love it!!!! he definitely puts his soul into these dishes 🙂

Jack Torrence says:

This guy is to funny

Alexander Presslie says:

I have a wee bit of a cold, wouldn’t class that as sick though. 🙂

CoverdaleBlue1 says:

Nope, only you ’cause you’re sick

otolos says:

Comparing to other tv-chefs that visited Greece, this guy got the spirit!

zakkyummms says:

Nah, I think he’s fantastic and hilarious.

Alexander Presslie says:

Anyone else wish he just fell off the side of the cliff?

grimeydevlin says:


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