How to Make a Great Healthy Homemade Greek Salad

Chef shows how to create a fresh Greek salad at home for a great healthy dinner. Enjoy!


fashiondoll24 says:

Yea lots of people are saying no lettuce. And peppers. But some say no peppers are essential in a greek salad. Im just gunna add everything lol

auntlouie60 says:

My goodness Sarah, it seems as though you are having so much fun! Thanks for all your recipes

theresa bollman says:


PolanerSpreads says:

Great recipe for one of our favorite salads.

Nocturne22 says:

A ‘quickle’ – HAH!

beeble2003 says:

There’s very little variation in Greek salads in Greece: it’s the same in almost any restaurant or anybody’s home. Tomato, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, olives, a slab of feta cheese, dried oregano, dressed with olive oil. No lettuce, no garlic (though I hate raw onion so I use garlic in the dressing instead), no vinegar in the dressing. I’d avoid vinegar in any tomato-based salad as there’s enough acidity in the tomatoes already.

TheGravesen says:

That’s not greek salad but still it’s delicious

RialevaC says:

Now that I know how easy it is, I make it all the time. Thanks

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