How to Make Spanakopita – Easy Greek Spinach Pie Recipe

Great easy and simple Spanakopita recipe. A Greek favorite for all to enjoy.


MikeTheBarber63 says:

I thought you were a cooking show?

MikeTheBarber63 says:

I want that now! I just found you, I subscribed!

chavedappelle says:


Jim Lianos says:

Bravo megale!! poli kali douleia !! great job!!

squidproquo1130 says:

Great video, very helpful! Cute kids, they seemed to really love the food. 🙂 I’m making this tonight for the first time and am debating whether or not to make triangles or just a big dish.

Sharon La Tour says:

I wish my computer screen had a door! I love spanakopita!!

Chris Vassilico says:

Thanks Michael, I refer to this vid often. Your’s tastes just like I remember my aunt Georgia’s (100% Greek lady). I don’t change a thing.

zodiacair says:

Yasou! Oraou!

huntingvuk says:

Thanks, very good vid love the stuff, made some just a couple days ago 🙂

Evelyn Torres says:

You must be strong like Popeyes! You sure love spinach, that’s good! 🙂 I have always wanted to go to Greece…it’s a beautiful country.

Harry Kudunas says:

This home cooked spinach pie is so delicious! I like it a lot, and I really can eat the half of the whole plate at once 🙂

GZarina says:

Thank you so much for sharing, I made it today, and it was beyond successful, everyone loved it, thank you so much 🙂

laiosto says:

After years of being spoiled by my mom’s pittes,I’m a pitta expert. Not bad Michael,but I have yet to see anyone approach my mum’s pittes.She use flour and water dough and can roll out super thin sheets.She layers the spinach (she prefers to use spring onions) and fetta,so you don’t get a thick green blob in-between pastry sheets.The only better tasting pitta I’ve had was when I visited my grandmother in Greece who has a traditional wood fired oven,and she obviously trained my mom in cooking.

vytrenis says:

hello i really enjoyed your video about how to cook Spanakopita (spinach and feta cheese pie) but, I’m thinking to add some smoked salmon on spinach, is it a good idea or not?
Thank you! 🙂

superlovlyhousewives says:

if you use butter will it be more crispy/flaky on the outside ?

superlovlyhousewives says:

easy to follow recipe wonderful thank you

slmnkh says:

what spices if any , can i add? as i like chilli and spices

slmnkh says:

love the music! and great dish i will try it!

nylotus says:

I love spanakopita! I try to add spinach to almost anything haha

ec0ne says:


Linda Stark says:

Very well done 🙂 We have a small cafeteria and at the spur of the moment decided to make Spanakopita, your video is going to make it a lot easier 🙂

JennaDonaldson says:

Yes, I just bought it there in the pie crust section in the freezer. They call it “fillo.”

chiodori says:

OHHHHMYYYFKKKKKKKKNNNNN WAHH!!! DUUUUDE!!!! how are u still alive? after all that oil, and you made two aswell. Im sure this is very delicious but that OIL MAAAAN! im happy you use less – ur a good cook -.-

chaxta says:

Not enough oil!

Fontrella Cole says:

I will have to try this recipe.

Vlum88 says:

Thank you. But how much spinach do I need?

Michael Aivaliotis says:

Frozen spinach is not as tasty. Use fresh.

Vlum88 says:

Hi. I would love to make this. But one question – how much spinach is there (after wilted). Can I use frozen spinach? Thanks.

Naeela Sattar says:

thanks for the video. a question about the filo dough: do you take it out of the freezer right before you lay them out or how long does it have to be out to be able to reach a layable situation if you know what I mean. The other question is how long do you bake the pie?

Emily FitzGerald says:

Your Spanakopita looks mouth watering!
I am officially requesting a baklava video
if you haven’t already done one 🙂


Do you add any salt? Or the cheese is salty enough?

Iria Enahoro says:

what do you do with the herbs? do you mix them into the bowl of spinach and cheese?

luticia says:

Dude, I’ve already bought all the ingredients. Cooking it 2day!! I’m soo excited, specially because it’s so high in calories! 😀 I bought full fat cheese cause it won’t be delicious by using low fat one.

ixkey says:

! Yum all up :o)

Narwhalsgorawrr says:

i type in this lazy dada eats pies and mustard and got this

pickardtown says:

I just purchased a box at my local whole foods

teemell19 says:

Looks so gooooood

NoCombustion says:

if you would have put more water in the pot it would not have filled up so far. I know it sounds backwards but the water would wilt the spinach faster and thus it shrinks alot.

venzini says:

Fuck Albania!!!

cherylof says:

This is an awesome video. I’d never worked with phyllo before, and felt confident once viewing this. Now, spanakopita is one of the dishes I’m known for… thank you!

Mikuruification says:

All Greek people are lazy and free-loaders!

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