How to Make Fish Bake in Salt – Traditional Greek Dish

Great easy recipe of a delicious baked fish wrapped in salt served with a bell pepper salad. Authentic Greek dish. Enjoy!


danobsboyfriend says:

I’m proud to be Greek!

Annika Smith says:


Neraida00 says:

Κριμα που οι σημερινοι νεοΕλληνες τρωνε μονο αμερικανοποιημενες τροφες και ανατολιτικης προελευσεως φαγητα…πχ..μπριαμ, μελιτζανες, σουβλακι (100% αραβικο), γεμιστα ( το ρυζι δεν το ηξερε ο Αρχαιος Ελληνας)…κρεας με πατατες… και να πως η Ελλημικη κοιλια γινεται σημαδουρα και χανει ο Ελληνας αυτο που καποτε ειχε δωσει στον υπολοιπο κοσμο..
Βαλε και τα τουρκικα εργα στην τηλεοραση και ξαναγιναμε ραγιαδες!..

Neraida00 says:

Diane this is a great fish recipe and a very ancient Greek one!
Ancient Greeks used to cook their fish this way.
Οι αρχαιοι Ελληνες ηξεραν πολλα! Η κουζινα τους ηταν απαιχτη!

shadeofme12 says:

yaaaa masr… yaaaa yaaa masr… ya yaa ya ya ya masr… ya masri ya um el umam… meleket walla bi alb el haram… lamma ymorrr fi albenaaa… ahhh fi hobb masr.. ana mosh baree2a… fi hob masr…

jolakos122 says:


MountainTeaGR says:

thanks for sharing this video…

shadeofme12 says:

i agree

mc4102 says:

i wish i was there to taste your yummy food….

GreekFoodTV says:

keep the scales on the fish. that’s what keeps the salt out and the moisture in. it’s delicious, trust me. 10 minutes a pound at 350F/170C.

Haris Tappas says:

It doesn’t get too salty? Μα καλά δεν γίνεται λύσσα;

theoffspringfan2 says:

Put HD so we can see your Wonderful smile 😀

bahamiangreek101 . says:

I love greece and the greek culture eventhough I’m only 25% Greek myself.
Great video Diane :  )

chefcommons says:

Nice work, we liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish for it to be featured)

AnnoulaXeni says:

I don’t question that this turns out well, but it also seems like an unnecessarily expensive way to do this fish — especially for people for whom sea salt is a pricey luxury item.

Same fish, same prep, just wrapped up in parchment paper and baked. I suspect you’d not know the difference. The salt crust is a dramatic presentation, but after that — skin, bones, head — ick!

I vote to clean in the kitchen, re-assemble on the platter, pour oil/lemon/oregano over it and dig in …

Terry J. Crebs says:

Diana, a great video. Can I use the coarse-salt technique for 1-to-2-pound fresh-caught-trout (i.e., no sea near Colorado)? Same 10 minutes per pound @ 375°F recommendation? Alas, my Yiayia never taught me this salt cooking technique. Efharisto!

melmothd says:

Diane you need to advertise our salt because Greek sea salt is the best quality in the world! rich in minerals and very healthy.

Colella João says:

I love the way you make your food. I have tried them and I can say how great they are.

lovelysprinkles says:

is that sea salt or rock salt?

AMoreFitMe2B says:

this looks soooooo good, and we want to try it but, are worried about all that salt

bahamiangreek101 . says:

I love Greece-eventhough I’m only 25% percent Greek it’s a wonderful culture and the food is too :  )

tirans says:

nice video i cant say anything until i try the fish .

cms0354 says:

Love the fish market! You are making me hungry!! YUM

Jim Wronski says:

that was an ugly fish!!

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