How to Make Chicken Souvlaki – Excellent Greek Shish Kebab Recipe

How to make a great Chicken Souvlaki Shish-Kebab in your own kitchen.  Simple, easy recipe but delicious as well. Enjoy!


Sasan Abdipour says:

bye ciao ! I am going to make it for dinner 🙂

Aerimae says:

Yeah, but there are still many amazing restaurants on Davie 😛 babylon cafe is also delicious

bongcouver says:

Probably closed down in the mid 90’s. All wood inside, maybe 5 small tables. It was just a little hole in the wall type place.

Aerimae says:

Which was that? theres alot of em there 😛 but I do faintly remember one closing when I was younger

bongcouver says:

I reeeeally miss the small greek souvlaki place that used to be on Denman close to Davie. I’d always go there on the way to the beach.

Aerimae says:

OMG YES and olympia on davie is delicious too

creegal says:

Best place is on Davie Street – Stepho’s…always a line, but well worth it…reasonably priced too! I like seeing men cooking…lol

indyme2 says:

Makes me hungry. When do we eat?

TheHandyGoddess says:

That looks so great it makes me miss chicken but I could do a vegan version ; )

epicocityreviews says:

well that’s totally your choice 🙂 but i would just put an annotation so people know to measure by taste if they don’t like the tartness or saltiness

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