How to Make an Authentic French Bread Baguette at Home

Excellent video recipe on making an authentic French bread Baguette. Enjoy!


Brian Savage says:

They should be ashamed of themselves pisting this garbage.

CasSandra Brown says:

Wow! I saw all kinds of mistakes in this video. I’m curious why many weren’t corrected during editing like proofing, rolling, lightly floured surfaces etc. the narrator did have a soothing voice and it made me LOL so thanks for the video.

paparazzi7245 says:

what a wast of time watching this video,come’on this is not how French bread is made at all…toooo much flour you can the dough to hard and so dry, heloooo… make a better French bread,because this one I wouldn’t try

llamov says:

Wa-ay too much flour. Dough is too dry. Don’t bother with separating yeast and salt as this loaf has too many other problems.

gsooo1 says:

Had used 5cups & little extra yeast as advised.

gsooo1 says:

I made this but somehow wasn’t really perfect . because I found the texture little dense & also it took additional 10/15min to bake . everything was perfect from yeast proofing to dough rising & shaping & 2nd rising. But I don’t know why I found the texture little dense & the extra baking time?

Paulo Constantino says:

quite ugly baguettes

Vicente Rogers says:

spraying a little water two times during the baking time, will give the bread a very crusty outside

paparazzi7245 says:

what a ugle bread I make it better she added tooooo much flour the bread dough was to dry and breaking

Kourtney Kardasian says:

This bread was amazing make sure u let the bread cool before earring because when u let it cool u get a better taste

kim lee says:


kim lee says:


Loly920 says:

Keep the recipes coming. I love them. TFS.

Allrecipes says:

Thank you for your feedback!

BingTheCherry says:

Hmm wonder if Kitchen Aid sponsored this video lol

substitutionqueen says:

bread looks nice but I gotta say I would separate the salt and the yeast because they should not meet until each is mixed in. Also I find that a tablespoon of sugar helps to feed the yeast and add to the rise. I usually roll up my dough more snugly but that’s just me.
I make two loaves of french bread in special pans with space for a little water underneath to help get a crisp crust every week and love it.

Noreens Kitchen says:

I only use pure mineral salt. I never use table salt with iodine.

Noreens Kitchen says:

No need to call me names. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You don’t have to subscribe to my channel.

GreetingsIamWu says:

It’s bread. Who cares. It’s all the same. I have been baking bread for 25 years. Water, salt, yeast, flour. I never killed yeast because I added salt to it – it is likely you are using salt with IODINE.

GreetingsIamWu says:

No one is going to sign up for our page if you are being an asshole on another.

So Soap says:

It only needs cheese!!!

Noreens Kitchen says:

Yes, my pineapple upside down cake is made with a mix. It is delicious, accessible and perfectly fine. I would put my cake up against any “from scratch” cake out there and I am confident that mine would win hands down. I can make mine from scratch if I wanted to. I have over 900 recipe videos on my channel. The reason I made the comment was because when someone else tries to make it with poor results it will be because the recipe is bad and the instruction was sub standard. Mine are not.

GoD2483 says:

They actually have several cinnamon roll recipes that are great, which is considered baking.

GoD2483 says:

I find it interesting that you are criticizing this video when the first video on your page is for Upside Down Cake made from a box, which in my opinion is not how you make it. Allrecipes is know for have a wide range of recipes that are traditional and non traditional. They do this so that every person can find something with them, those that want to do it the old fashioned way and those that just want to eat good food. As long as it tastes good what does it matter how it was made?

porcofederal says:

awfull looking bread, allrecipes staff really don’t know how to bake

Noreens Kitchen says:

I have a lot of bread recipes, you can check them out and YES! I will do a French bread recipe soon. I need to get my mixer fixed first. Once that happens, I will gladly do a French bread recipe. This one is not great!
It has way too much flour as you can see from the finished product (cracked) and the way it was rolled is not correct either. Traditional baguette is not made like this!

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