Video Recipe: Crackling Roast Pork Belly with a Delicious Cider Cream Sauce

Great crackling pork belly recipe. Very well explained. Enjoy!


F1ReWaLkEr1 says:

f**k off moron

young gun says:

i dont know why muslim are always comparing about religion,, this is food respect bec. this is wat we believe,, this is style,, peace!!!! killing humans in arab countries are like chicken,, so dont be like arugant or ignorant,, we are know in da present,, we have only 1 GOD that knows wat is ryt and not ryt,, see 1st ur self dude,,

boyblue4502 says:

Jay c - lol. But seriously, pork rocks

Jay c says:


boyblue4502 says:

1 billion Chinese can’t be wrong.

boyblue4502 says:

Pork is delicious.

kupapot says:

thats because you Christians disregard what is written in your Bible. you dont practice the fundamentals anymore. Jews dont eat pork, try going to israel.

MrElis420 says:

I’ve never heard of not being able to eat pork as a Christian or Jew, I mean most everyone eats pork in America, it’s a staple of our diet lol. And if you cook the meat properly then it’ll be fine. Eating raw pork is what you don’t want to do.

kupapot says:

yea, while youre on that. read your book,

RuralBreakfast says:

You have to cook pork properly, otherwise you might get sick.

Same with chicken.

MrElis420 says:

I’m a Christian and I’m snacking on bacon right now. Delicious.

smartacus88 says:

And yet y’all use camel and goat shit as cooking fuel -_-

bandasteresa says:

the only disease you have is in your mind.

Martin Singer says:

brilliant recipe, a result of love, skills and experience – well done mate, dont mind the begrudgers, they haven’t a clue, fighting over who have their best imaginary friends has nothing to do with cooking and quality of live! You have an exceptional talent and I’m humbled that you are willing to share it with me! Good on you! Thank you!!!

kupapot says:

you get disease from both if its raw. im just saying pork is the dirtiest and filthiest animal on earth thats why its forbidden to eat it. chickens eat grains. pigs eat shit, eat their babies, eat each others tails, everything. you do the math on which is more dirty.

Astro Boomboy says:

You get more diseases from chicken than pig.

palui123 says:

Its haram because if you eat pork u will stay calm. If you don’t, u go rampage and bomb other people houses and farms.

GY GL says:

I am allowed to eat , thats all .

kupapot says:

as we all know, pork is dirty. Jews, Christians and Muslims are not allowed to eat it.

John Smith says:

it’s haram to even fart in islam. nobody gives a flying fuck about ur religion

Gorilla Power says:

You’ve caught a disease if you’re Muslim in the first place. Muslims are cockroaches.

Ramstring says:

oh god, I came.

TomCook1993 says:

bravo hats off to you for being sensible

TomCook1993 says:

you’re a fucking twat

adarie pennant says:

Roast Pork Belly look good

Nick Giles says:

In Islam you’re also often susceptable to layers upon layers of ignorance

vasile gabriel Vlad says:

This kind of clip is the reason I watch Youtube. They never fail to cause me to chuckle.

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fspopshovit says:

I’m a muslim, I haven’t eaten pork, but it doesn’t give you diseases. Eating undercooked pork will make you ill, but that’s it.

Anders Kristensen says:

Jeg er ikke kristen. Du bliver jo ikke syg af at spise gris, tag dig sammen. Hvorfor tager I, JA I, altid offer rollen? Held og lykke med middelalder mentaliteten.

PewPewv123 says:

“You people” which people? if you mean religious people then yes if you just mean muslims only then you are fucking retard.. fuck even christianity says that shouldnt eat pork

p0giboi says:

Why dafuq are ppl talking about religion shit this is a food channel fuckers go take your shit else where and just watch the damn video fuq

Anders Kristensen says:

you people are brainwashed, im sorry but you really are

applebaj says:

maybe if you’re stupid and eat it raw,,,

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