Quick and Easy Christmas Crackling Skin Oven Roasted Pork Loin

Great simple recipe for this holiday time dish. Roast Pork with Crackling skin. Enjoy!


vanPoll says:

I’ve got to try this myself, thank you for this video. Looks easy to do, if you put attention to the details.

XBigBoyBlackx says:

Eat with your mouth shit

Kajol L says:

I don’t have anything to say if somebody wants to eat the poops of the pigs. Pigs all the time eats its own poop and the poop of the animals it lives with. Please ask any pig farmer, it is a fact. This shitty and filthy animal eats whatever they get, poops, shits, garbages. No other gentle plant eating animal like cow, goat, lamb, chicken, camel, duck don’t eat any shits. That’s why pigs are the pefect animal for tape worms, round worms, parasites and other germs.

silverstartrucker says:

Love the meat with apple sauce on it. Hate the fat though. How anyone can eat crackling beats me…oh dear

Spudboy41 says:

Mmmmmhhh i’m so ungry now this looks so yummy o.o

Sharon Mynes says:

I’m so glad you actually taste what you cook! Most other videos don’t show that part. Thanks for your info!!

cyannex says:

Nice crackling

oliveguss says:

what are the temperatures please?. Thanks!

oliveguss says:

really good mate, again!

Kiri Close says:

beautiful. how cruel you eat right in front of us …

Vivienne Lucy Nonis says:

I should hv watched this demo of yours last Christmas, coz I botched mine up royally.

Albert Garcia says:

your such a rude mate!! you need to share that lovely pork of yours..

singfarm says:

Danish national dish, serve with pickled cucumber, red cabbage, potatoes and brown sauce.

Death Korps Of Krieg says:

Yow i’m back and because its x-mas hell imma gonna cook that

Death Korps Of Krieg says:

well hungary is a nice country 😀

SuperSonicSpeedster7 says:

Another one of my favrouite roast dinners love pork crackling so so gorgeous also making me hungary now also 🙂

tiedupsmurf says:

Now this is why I like my pc

robtime says:

You find out the following day it’s a bad idea!

robtime says:

Looks awesome, I loved your tandori roast chicken when I tried it!

PIPERJIM08 says:

That looks the Bizz… I bet it tastes the Bizz ……!  10/10

RPete100 says:

Cheers mate! Delicious

Cathy Rona says:

i love your accent

Emilio Weber says:

Mine just got in the oven (two hours that look like 2 weeks)

MRwagnerism says:

What happens if you eat raw pork?
What happens if you eat raw chicken meat?

DC180 says:

So you eat the peas last? lol

richard domingo says:

that is one good looking meat!

Emily Kalouch says:

heating the oven as we speak!

beana666 says:

Actually your crunching and enjoyment of the food made my mouth water! It all went to make the food even more appetising!

E.F.C Lad says:

Delicious!! Cant beat a good roast dinner, the crackling looks yummy


How much does it weigh? Also, what cooking times do you suggest for different sizes

Luke Tokley says:

Your eating habits are disgusting! Try to eat with you mouth shut and not to make noise. It makes for a much more inviting video.

Saint Jimmy says:

Not to be rude simply trying to inform you, actually the reason you should put water in the bottom is not to stop the meat from shrinking, but it keeps it moist with the steam while the water is evaporating 🙂 Great vid mate, been looking for a way to get good crackling for ages, about to try this. cheers 😀

goodcountryaustralia says:


D4Z2A80Y says:

looks good mate got any recepies for a nice apple sauce fed up with jarred ones

Tome Hoppus says:

how did you make the sauce??

SGTKrash says:

3:06 Drooling! lol good stuff!

Verses says:

Love the comments at the end. “mmm this is gorgeous ”
I actually buy the skin and just make the crackling. Heart attack here I come

glasby6110 says:

You cannot imagine how long I’ve been looking for a pork roast recipe with CRISPY skin. I did a roast this afternoon following your recipe, and my family really enjoyed it. We all love eating the crispy skin. Thank you for this priceless recipe.

LevMeln says:

Хватит ЖРАТЬ!

Original Naked Chef says:

Nice one!
Maybe we could make this your last meal 🙂

Original Naked Chef says:

That must be a killer watching this vid but not able to eat the crackling any more.
Thanks for watching 🙂

Original Naked Chef says:

Thanks for watching the vid and thanks for the comms 🙂

Rsspecial1 says:

looks bloody lovely mate, im starving now, shame my gnashers wont handle the crackling anymore – used to love the stuff!

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