How to Make a Juicy Crackling Roast Pork with Sage

Great crackling roast pork recipe with a sage flavor. Excellent recipe and great video. Enjoy!


Julian Dale says:

Go to 0:55 to watch Nicko rub his meat.

Crackles06 says:

Fluid shouldn’t be red, the fluid should be clear. Maybe another 20-30 would have been best.

Lathou Xaris says:

I guess he was just eating potato chips then?

Lathou Xaris says:

Light olive oil is much paler, plus the camera doesn’t capture the color very well.

Cristelle Sanchez says:

Crackling doesn’t look crispy :(

101stsurvivor says:

it isn’t raw, but it is probably a wee bit underdone.
still perfectly safe though.

Nervouspie pie says:

huuhh??! when it’s cooked? or when it raw? or both!?

BlackFingerBoard says:

Imbecile. All the bacteria in pork meat die at 65 degrees Celcius (145 Farenheit) and therefore the meat might not look ready, but it is. It’s all a matter of preference.

Andrew Schembri says:

raw meat,yum…

Michael Sangora says:

Pork is fine past medium, and that looks medium to me.

EmmaMo91 says:

Damn, that looks so good 🙁 I’m hungry.

luke rob says:

Meats raw. Your fat. Wifes a dog. Kids a spastic.

The Pyro says:

The pork was fine

lenthokchom says:

beware of tapeworm.

hopeneverdies1 says:

Meat is raw

CrazyDumBitch says:

ur name means “fuck him” in arabic

Davi Morais says:

it does seem a bit raw, but remember, as long as it reaches 165ºF, all bacteria is dead.

Hewdgedik says:

Dude you gotta cook pork thoroughly man.

RELeeOnTraveller says:

Trichinosis. Not tape worms. These worms come from drinking contaminated water, or even through contact via the skin. Trichinosis is extremely rare these days.

SuperGeniusLife says:

((and all of beef & mutton / lamb – chicken – goat – turkey – camel – duck – goose – quail – mandate / buffel meat)) It’s to eating is health

Dr. S.W. Nemo says:

Bah. Undercooked? That is perfect. You people don’t know anything about cooking meat.

Kc Dejos says:

then I’m assuming you like your meat dry and hard.

CorneliusSneedley says:

For once the thumbnail was actually a representation of the finished product. And pork does not have to be overcooked to be done, or even safe, even if your grannie told you so. Medium or even medium rare is fine, as long as you don’t live in a third-world country where trichinosis is still a problem.

If you have to cook something until it is dry and stringy, why on earth would you ever want to?

batto092 says:

just pulled our pork out…thats what he said.

StapledFish says:

When you have such a salted roast you can hardly cook it any more or else you will end up with a dry, hard slab of pork…

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