How to Cook a Aromatic Cumin Seasoned Crackling Pork Roast – Curtis Stone

Simple easy cumin seasoned crackling pork roast from Curtis Stone served with Asian inspired braised Bok Choy. Great twist to a favorite recipe. Enjoy!


skog13 says:

nice 1

Jason Chong says:

type in google, 500f in c
or 200c in f
to get the conversions

pannose94 says:

@intoxicatedbiscuit: Maybe the unit for your friend’s oven’s temperature is Celcius and yours is Fahrenheit.

intoxicatedbiscuit says:

I have a question about the oven I hope can be answered. My roommate’s oven only goes to 250 as well, when the only ovens I’ve worked with go up to 500. I’m not quite sure how to figure the equivalency of the degrees. Of course 500=250 and 200=175 but whats the best way to figuring out the in-between. I’ve googled this with no luck so far.

NerfFlimsAustralia says:


aaashiii04 says:


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