Vietnamese Snacks: How to Make Moon Cakes with Sweet Red Bean Filling – Banh Trung Thu – Banh Nuong Nhan Dau Do

Video showing how to make Moon Cake two different ways with a sweet red bean filling as they do it in Vietnam. Enjoy!


Doodah Gurl says:

Huh, why did it never occur to me to use a silicone mode? Ha. It was neat
seeing you use the real moon cake mode as the ones I’ve seen in the past
are different. Very neat! And these look like the kind of moon cakes I
will actually enjoy eating.

Jeya Carmichael says:

I love moon cakes and this recipe looks doable. Thanks!

kicksnj2 says:

I can’t seem to find Vanilla Sugar at any of my local food stores. I do
have a few Asian food markets not too far away. Would I have better luck
finding it there?

RunAwayRice says:

Tuy lượng dầu xào nhân rất ít nhưng nhân bánh ngon bạn ạ, dĩ nhiên là nhiều
dầu thì nhân bánh sẽ bóng đẹp hơn nhưng mục đích chính của Trang là thực
hiện những món ăn dễ, nhanh và healthy. Bạn đừng ngại khi nêu câu hỏi vì
có thể có những bạn khác cũng có chung ý nghĩ như bạn. Mong bạn tiếp tục
ghé channel RunAwayRice và cho biết ý kiến bạn nhé.

Tram says:

love it!

Lulu Truong says:

Wow love it cho em hoi Chi mua khuon banh trung thu o dau Chi? Ty

RunAwayRice says:

I’ll keep your comment in mind and see what I can do about adjusting the
volume. Thanks for watching!

RunAwayRice says:

My pleasure, I hope you enjoy the recipe 🙂

RunAwayRice says:

Yes, these moon cakes are enjoyed this time of the year in celebration of
the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, this Thursday, Sept 19. It’s the second
most celebrated holiday after New Year’s! Thanks for your suggestions,
that’s a wonderful idea and I will keep it in mind for future videos in the
Viet Cooking 101 section.

KhanhTien Nguyen says:

Hi, I have just taken a look on your channel today. Whoa, this is so cool.
Your videos are really well edited, your recipes are easy to follow, I have
subscribed “^^ But your voice in the vid is quite low. It woud be nicer if
you turn the sound up or insert some music. That is just my personal
opinion. Btw, good job ^^

76Lonnie says:

Great recipe. I can’t find the traditional mold anywhere so this is a great
idea to use the silicone mold. Thanks so much. I love all of your recipes.

Van Pham says:

Cám ơn chị vì những video clip rất là chi tiết và rất hay. Trong clip trên
em thấy lượng dầu dùng để xào nhân rất ít như vậy mình có bảo đảm đc độ
dẻo, độ trong của nhân k chị? Vì thường e thấy các ct trên internet khá
giống nhau là 200 gr đậu – 100 gr dầu ăn. Sorry chị nếu như câu hỏi của e
làm chị phiền lòng nhé! Thankyou chị.

Karsa s. says:

Is this the time of the year to traditionally eat these sort of cakes? They
look really good! Could you do a video about different Asian kitchen
tools?? Like kinds of chopsticks, etc.. That’d be so interesting!

Alastair S says:

Oh, I love these moon cakes. I’m a Filipino/Chinese, hopia is our version.

Alastair S says:

Thank again.

RunAwayRice says:

Thank you!

RunAwayRice says:

The stamp molds can be difficult to find especially during this time of the
year. The silicone molds are everywhere and come in so many pretty designs.
I’ve also used silicone cupcake molds and they work well. Happy Mid-Autumn

RunAwayRice says:

Lulu, minh mua tren eBay. Xin xem link tren video Description. I purchased
the stamp mold on eBay. Please see the video Description for the link. 🙂

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