Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Sugar Candied Winter Melon – Mut Bi Dao

Video showing how to make a sugar candied winter melon dessert snack Asian recipe. Enjoy!


Kimmie Vo says:

Please speak vietnamese next time i dont like your english!

GizmoaGames says:

Thank you so much for this video! I just found this candy in the shop and
was wondering if I could make my own xD I’m so happy!

Kim Truong says:

May I please have this recipe on written form in english?

Brenda Lee says:

thank you so much for this recipe. i love candied melon very much and can’t
buy them anymore here in new zealand so would like to try making them. i
have now bought alum in rock form and limestone paste from Sing Lee Food
Market in Auckland. what i would like to know please is how long do i soak
the cut up melon in alum water?

VansKitchen says:

Hi Doodah, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me nice comments.
Must appreciated! Cheers!

SunflowerTech says:

what is alum?

Fun Ent says:

Love the happy ending !

VansKitchen says:

According to Wikipedia: “Alum is both a specific chemical compound and a
class of chemical compounds. The specific compound is the hydrated
potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum).” “Alum powder, found in the
spice section of many grocery stores, may be used in pickling recipes as a
preservative to maintain fruit and vegetable crispness. Alum is used as the
acidic component of some commercial baking powders. Alum was used by bakers
in England during the 1800s to make bread whiter.”

VansKitchen says:

I soak them while cutting and until finish cutting, then rinse and soak
them in limestone paste overnight. The next day I do a quick boil winter
melon in alum boiling water. That’s it 🙂 I look forward to your result!

VansKitchen says:

Hi Imelda, I actually have never tried to make with lye water. I bought
limestone paste at a local Asian grocery store here.

VansKitchen says:

Limestone is supposed to promote crispiness, widely used in Vietnamese
candy. I’ve myself always had the same question if there is any
substitution for limestone. But so far I haven’t found the answer yet.
Sorry for not being very helpful.

Doodah Gurl says:

I love your strainer. Can you tell me where you got that from?

Bao TRAN says:

chị Vân ơi chị mua phèn chua và vôi trong ở đâu ạ?. Em đang ở Pháp, ko rõ
chị nhờ ng nhà gửi sang hay la ở chợ châu Á có bán. Em cảm ơn chị

VansKitchen says:

Hong Van vào mục About bên dưới video (ngay phía trên phần bình này) bấm
vào nút “show more” mình có để link giới thiệu dụng cụ mình đã dùng trong
clip. Vào link sẽ đọc cụ thể về máy nhé


cam on chi nha.

imelda stephens says:

can I use lye water in place of limestone paste…if not , where can I buy
a limestone paste..

VansKitchen says:

You’re welcome MH

Kamsart Thong says:

Haha you’re so cute!

Vu Hong Van says:

chị ơi cho em hỏi máy xay nhỏ chị hay dùng trong video là hiệu gì vậy v bao
nhiêu litre ah?

VansKitchen says:

A happy ending is always enjoyable (^^) Thanks so much for stopping by and
leaving me nice encouraging words!

VansKitchen says:

Thanks! I got it at a local Asian grocery store 🙂

jazer32988 says:

what does the limestone paste do? any substitute for it?

Brenda Lee says:

result…? everything went well but on the last step, the sugar went into
syrup and my candy turned golden, not white like yours. the best
consolation is my husband is eating them as they were crunchy. I have a
feeling I failed in the amount of sugar coz I used less, oh actually i
didn’t measure it. my fault but i am not giving up yet. will have another
go and will let you know how i get on. thank you so much for taking time to
answer my query. will be back hopefully with better news.

VansKitchen says:

aw, probably your range is too hot? The sugar might be burnt that’s why
your candy turned golden. Wish you success next time!

Doodah Gurl says:

I love how you’re showing things that are totally different than many of
the other Vietnamese youtubers. Thanks for taking the time to upload these
neat videos!

VansKitchen says:

Chị mua ở chợ châu Á ở đây em à 🙂

Iw True says:

Kimmie Vo you’re rude. Người ta nói ko hay thì chị vào lồng tiếng dùm đi.
Đừng nghĩ mình nói hay mà chê người khác.

Vi Lê says:

Cô ơi, con làm theo công thức của cô và con đã thành công, con cám
ơn cô nhiều lắm ^^
Cô ơi nhà con có mấy cây bưởi, năm nay sai trái nên có nhiều vỏ
bưởi lắm ạ. Cô có thể chỉ cho con cách làm mứt bưởi được không
cô. Con cám ơn cô nhiều lắm. Loại mứt bưởi đặc sản vĩnh long á cô
^^. Chúc cô luôn vui vẻ và thành đạt ^^

Iw True says:

Kimmie Vo. Thật thất vọng khi người Việt Nam mà lại chê người Việt Nam! 

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