Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Sticky Rice Cake with Mung Bean – Banh It Nhan Dau

Here is a great recipe for a Vietnamese favorite, sticky rice cake with Mung Bean called Banh It Nhan Dau. Simple and tasty. Enjoy!


Kim Nguyen says:

Thanks for your reply, Boriville! You could use canned jackfruit…it
tastes just as good and less expensive

Kim Nguyen says:

Hi my dear, why do you have to add the ginger juice to the flour? What’s
the purpose of the ginger? Love all of your videos!!! Can you do a video on
bánh it nhan dua- because I don’t like dau xanh. If it’s possible, can u do
a video on thach rau cau with jack fruit and shredded young coconut in
layers please? And frostings for cakes? Thanks.

Liyah Nguyen says:

Thanks so much for sharing. I have been wanting to learn this recipe and
your other recipes for some time now. Truly appreciate you and your mother
for making this happen. Please keep it up. Im making it with my mom tonight
for my daughter’s 1st birthday

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