Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Flan Creme Caramel – Bánh Flan)

Video showing how to make a fantastic Flan like they do in Vietnam. This recipe was copied from the French, who had a huge influence on Vietnamese cooking. Enjoy!


JeaHSaren says:

I’ve made flan according to your video twice. Both times the flan came out
well, but the caramel gets stuck to the bottom of the mold. How can I
prevent the caramel from sticking?

dorkiegrrl says:

…. OMG your voice is so cute!!! C: kawaii!

Anthony James says:

2:52 made me literally “laugh out loud”.

Julie T says:

beautiful job….

Minniee Bliss says:

aww you’re so sweet and this didn’t come out exactly like it was suppose
to, but still better than most of the other recipes that I followed

AkatsuneBaka says:

I love your voice it’s so calm and assuring!! :)

PIPASON2123 says:


Budder Pro says:

looks yummy and i want my mum to try it Now!!! -_-

Jess Sully says:

Your voice made my rooster crow if you know what I mean!

Rachel Lin says:

It looks so smooth and yummy! Thanks for sharing I’ll try it out.
And the piano music is so beautiful would you mind telling me what album is
it from? Thank you.

Julie T says:

thank you Van your flan looks so yummy, I will try it out. I will let you
know how it’s turn out…..

cocodrie55 says:

Flan is Spanish, not Mexican.

VansKitchen says:

Ti Nguyễn: trải một lớp khăn vào đáy nồi, đặt khuôn bánh flan lên trên
khăn, đổ nước sôi vào nồi ngập bên ngoài khuôn khoảng 1/2. Hấp lửa thật
nhỏ, không được để nước sôi. 

tasfara says:

Looks yummy

pia agra says:

Philippines-leche flan

VaatiMalfoy says:

Thank you a Lot! ^^

blarson12 says:

Is this the same as Crème Brulay?

Amanda D says:

From the French? I thought this dessert was from Spain? 

Kenneth Liu says:

You’re suppose to eat this cold, not hot or warm! That’s why it’s called a
“dessert”. After you taken the flans out of the oven and let it cooled for
20 minutes, you’re suppose to wrap the flans in a clear wrap and store them
in the refrigerator for 3 hours and then you can dig in to them.

Tranners54 says:

I jace

VansKitchen says:

Dạ em làm bằng sữa tươi chị 🙂

VansKitchen says:

Thanks so much for quick response!

Keokanhchana Chiep says:

Oh I see! It’s sugar 🙂

LPSpandazLPS says:

I love flan but never tasted it. But now I have the time to make it!

VansKitchen says:

Thanks so much for nice compliments!

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