South West Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Pandan Rice Cake – Banh Duc La Dua

Video showing how to make a south west Vietnamese dessert called Pandan Rice Cake. Enjoy!


Asia Eats says:

While not quite a traditional Christmas dish, this Vietnamese *Pandan Rice
Cake* by +Helen’s Recipes (Vietnamese Food) is beautiful and tasty enough
to put anyone in the Holiday spirit 🙂

#AsiaEatsXmas #Vietnam 

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:
VanchicOrganization says:

Wonderful recipe! Great vid. Visit my channel took, I make videos about
organization & how to make a house look expensive. xo

Spetzy says:

it looks like another planet food and looks delicious

MissQuirkyChic says:

Looks yummy

gurlz8 says:

We have the same dessert in Thailand :)

irenenergy says:

i agree! pandan and coconut are best friends. they complement each other
extremely well. now i’m craving for pandan coconut waffles

Lux Chevis says:

I want your fancy steamer!! Looks like a great recipe to try. Thank you for
sharing it.

mitran2601 says:


Yuli Yusongphong says:

On here u said 1/4 cup of rice flour and tapioca flour but on your website
you said 8 tablespoon of each. That doesn’t equal 1/4 cup. That only equal
1/2 cup. Let me know soon

PeachyMangoPie says:

I just discovered your channel when I was searching for porridge recipe.
And then I watched 3 other videos of yours and now this dessert oh boy it
makes me hungry!!!!!! I’ve subscribed and will try Vietnamese food through
you videos. 

skydiver says:

Can I replace tapioca starch with potato starch or corn starch ? 

Ray Rayz says:

it’s the same as a Malaysian kuih (bánh) called Som Som but the coconut
milk is mixed together with the rice flour and cook till thicken. serve
with sugar syrup. It is always white in colour. Pandan knot is used to give
the aromatic smell. But I like your version as it is more colourful. (Y)

KuvYog NkaujHmoob says:

I cannot Waite to try and make thus yummy dessert :)

tonyh13 says:

Helen! Mung bean starch and water chestnut starch Which one will make this
rice cake more churchy? 

J. Derek says:

hi is it possible to use pandan custurd coz it might not easy to find
pandan leaves here? cheers

Scooby Do says:

l don’t have a steamer what else can I do to cook it

John Kokolakis says:

pandan!!!!!!! your recipes introduced me to and made me want to try pandan.
now I use it in all the time in all types of desserts, it’s so the new
vanilla, thank you! the same goes for purple yams

Gnav amie says:

Where can I get a steamer like yours

Vivian Bui says:

You should try to make banh cam.

Tina Phanha says:

I watched this video like 10 time and try making this big fat fail every
time I don’t know what to do please help. 

vinny lee says:

That looks delicious , how did you effortlessly come up with all that good
foods , desserts one after the other like that ? did you learn them all by
yourself or there is some one else secretly teaching you ? ( kidding ) 

Soleilie says:

I like your steamer. What is the brand? Maybe I can find it here in US.

PaKou Vang says:

I love the recipe. But I can’t help notice the music in the background.
Would you please let me know the name of the song. Thank you. 

srainy says:

i’m tempted to go to germany just for the pandan leaves! i’m so jealous how
you can get so many southeast asian ingredients so easily 😉 back at my
parents’, i only had to go out to the garden for pandan! but i have to make
adjustments now.
anyway, this is a lovely recipe. i think we have a similar sweet dish like
this too but with the addition of glutinous rice (usually coloured red). i
love it ^^

cynot71 says:

Would pulverizing rice in a food processor turn it into rice flour?

Livi Anarkia says:

how much coconut milk do you go through in a week? ahahaha :)

MsMickeyL says:

I am making this! Thank you helen! 

Casely Nguyen says:

My mouth is already watering lol 

Sophie Palong says:

Super yummy! I gonna make this cake for my baby birthday :)

Hue Tran says:

Delicious! Thank you Helen…


CookingwithAlia brought me here .:) :)

oceaniaely says:

I love sweet and salty! That looks so yummy.

Totorochilbe12 says:

Helen you are just the best! Come to Australia and give me some cooking
lessons! (Marry me at the same time :p)

TOMMY LI says:

Yes i love pandan ,.i love the fragrant and sweet smell of it.
Pandan is used alot in Southeast Asian dessert.

ubaldini7 says:

I love your videos

John Pick says:

Thank you Helen, I love Pandan coco nut rice cake.

Thuy Tran says:

Can you use the micerwave to stem it 

Jennifer S says:

Looks delicious!!! this is one of my favorite dessert. Thanks for sharing.

Souna Ny says:

Wonderful, girl 

NewYorkCityViews says:

you can tell it is sooooooo delicious the way she eats it and smiles. I
wish she owns a chain restaurant stores in the United States. It would be
so popular and successful.

K Heck says:

Cambodian we call it Nom Bunch Dux

hollister ca says:

your recipes are so amazing, thank you for sharing.

Simon Chiu says:

Pandan taste like taro if you ask :D

Pina Cucina says:

Delicious Helen Thank you!

Dung Tran says:

Thank you so much helen , I watch your show now I can cook .thank 

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