How to Make Vietnamese Steamed Banana Cake – Banh Chuoi Hap

Delicious and simple dessert recipe for another Vietnamese favorite dish. The Steamed Banana Cake is a great sweet treat after any meal. Enjoy!


Treat Nguyen says:

Thank you. You made bánh chuối look delicious. Thèm ăn bánh chuối.



GDQT says:

you forgot to mention Chuoi Xao, Chuoi Xao is the best. 

penshead10 says:

I was just surfing the web because I was bored.. It was a great stumble to have found a great cooking website like yours.. Your pace is excellent for beginner like me.. Again thanks for sharing your cooking knowledge with the world.:

AurelianJoseph says:

You are so awesome!(:

Ely Tran says:

Bạn dễ thương và khéo léo :)

HelenRecipes says:

yes you can

baobest3579 says:

Can I substitute tapioca starch with corn starch??

jyusnita77 says:

Thank you Helen

HelenRecipes says:

maybe yes, but you need to cook/steam the taro first.

jyusnita77 says:

Hi Helen,
Can we use Taro instead of Banana to make this cake?

HelenRecipes says:

rat vui vi em hai long voi cong thuc 🙂

Thao Helen says:

em thử làm theo công thức chị chỉ , em làm ra ổ bánh chuối ngon lắm!! thank you chị rất nhìu !!! n.n

Thao Helen says:

yummy , ngon qá đi !!!hic hic ~^_^~

Tyna Lam says:

Mình lót khuôn bằng nilong đến khi bánh nguội lấy ra bánh dính hết vô nilong không có lấy ra được… hichic.

HelenRecipes says:

Glad to like it :)

HelenRecipes says:

Just add the link in the decription box below the vid 🙂 Happy shopping^^

Jessica Alba says:

hi helen, wher did u buy your silicone to steam?

TeddysCooking says:

This is really delicious amd chewy! It goes great with the coconut sauce! Also, it’s very easy to make! However, it is super sticky and it took me a while to get it off the plastic wrap and cut it.

Quyen Tran says:

thanks 🙂

lhhuyen says:

dung cai’ dia~ sau duoc hon Q ah, vi cai dung to^ so no lau chin ben trong

Quyen Tran says:

Chị helen ơi, e dùng tô thay vì dùng khuôn để hấp bánh được không chị?

lavienrosa1 says:

Helen, thank you so much for your always wonderful recipes. You are such a lovely person!

linh nguyentuong says:

chị ấy làm dễ rùi nhưng em có làm đc hay không không sao vì em xinh hơn chị ấy đó hihihi

skyscraper3534 says:

Helen, I just can’t get enough of your dishes. This banana steamed cake got me drooling and I look forward to making it. Thanks again and greetings from Las Vegas, USA.

namnhan2003 says:

r ewe Shakespears in love? Ewe r really good with words…but all flowers fade and all voices become distorted with time and repeating without end (i am talking about my wife here, not Helen) As for me, i used to be a great poet, too. Now i am a philosopher and want to become a hermit. You hear?

AllllllllRightyThen says:

I LOVE this and can’t wait to make it! I will put tapioca peals in the coconut sauce ( if Helen give me permission ==;D ).

Hey Helen . . . when I click on “Chuoi Chien”, the link doesn’t work. Did you delete your Fried Banana recipe? I hope not. That’s my favorite Banana desert. If you tell a French person you will serve them “Chuoi Chien”, I wonder if they will think it’s a “Banana Dog”. ==XD

Vy Phương Nguyễn Kim says:

thấy chị làm dễ gê nhưng hok biết lúc em làm có dễ không ? hihi

Vy Phương Nguyễn Kim says:

chị giỏi wá à

HelenRecipes says:

thanks a lot for your kind words

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