Korean Recipe: How to Make a Sweet Bun Snack called Hoddeok in Korea – 호떡

Video showing how to make a popular Korean sweet sticky bun snack called Hoddeok. Enjoy!


Sweet0Devil says:

I just tried this recipe: the Hoddeok are soooo delicious. :D

1307 says:

don’t let bryson eat too many of these! 😉 he’ll be so hyper! 

Kelly oxo says:

Looks delicious, thank you for sharing your recipe 🙂

eugeniayoon says:

어니 이거 믹스 월마트에만가두 파는뎅ㅋ ㅠㅠ

xuelijasmine says:

thanks aeri! (:

Mariana Lee Ji says:

아!! 저렇게 하는거였구나~ 고마워요 ^^ 언니도 이거 사용할깨요 🙂 남친한테 만들어줘야지

Aeri's Kitchen says:

Songs for this Video: Artist: 채연 (Chae Yeon) Title: 1. 한사람 / 2. 부탁

Aeri's Kitchen says:

I will add it to my list.. thanks

Aeri's Kitchen says:

if you want .. yes.. you might have some difficult to use it as a filling
though.. since the dough is already sticky..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

I don’t know what you did..and what was the problem only with your
comment..but yes.. let the dough double in size is the important step for
good texture hotteok..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

yes you can use all purpose flour.. you can freeze cake but depends on the
icing.. it might not taste as good if you freeze it..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

yes.. put less filling or less sugar..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

you can use normal white sugar instead too..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

artist : seok-woo yoon.. song title : I love you ^^

Aeri's Kitchen says:

The texture will not be quite same..but you can use it.

Aeri's Kitchen says:

you can put the dough under any light.. can be stove light.. lamp light..
it works too..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

yes.. put the filling in the center and cover the filling evenly with the
dough..then flatten and press gently.. then you will be okay..

Aeri's Kitchen says:

I don’t have it.. I can add it to my list thanks 🙂

diven chen says:

there is something similar that my parents make haha They use glutinous
rice flour with water and filling is peanuts with brown sugar with a little
lard but i think they might have stopped using lard with something else to
bind the filling together

bellad007 says:

Hoddeok success! I made this and it came out great! Quite addictive so
beware 😉 Thank you for the recipe!

LyalyaNYC says:

It’s usually in baking section or next to flour

marikboo says:

what section of the store can I find yeast? That’s the only thing I’m

xuelijasmine says:

hi aeri do you have a video for the savoury hoddeok? i think it’s stuffed
with some veggies and potato noodles? thanks!

LittleMissAmy1997 says:

is there a certain way to press the hoddeoks? will the fillings come out if
we press too hard? cause i have the ingredients and i would really want to
try it up! thanks!

Souma Goth says:

i tried them, they weren’t perfect but they looked like the ones u made! i
liked them ^^

Brandon Kwon says:

😀 I would luv to c japchae hoddeok as well.

Cathy Cho says:

it wouldn’t taste the same…

lknightrain says:

I love your recipes and I love the music that you always play in the back.
Could you please also list the name of the artist and song? -Thanks!

flamingox16 says:

Hi, my oven is a budget one and it doesn’t have a light. how do I heat the
dough then? any suggestions?

Our Homestead Dream says:

I don’t know if you have any but if you mix regular sugar with molasses it
makes brown sugar :D.

12Harmony34 says:

This looks really good, but just wondering, I don’t have any brown sugar
and I don’t want to go and buy it, is it okay to not use brown sugar in the
filling? What else can I use? Thank you!

Starnette13 says:

I made hoddeok a while ago,..and it was…a failure 🙁 Well,for me,cause my
grandmother said it was good,but all i can taste is the cinnamon,.. is that
really how it should be? help 🙁 ,..i’ll try again ^___^

BananaWanaify says:

it won’t taste the same

duttydream1 says:

gangnam is actually a place in korea 🙂 not food 🙂

Dedi Merdeka says:

it just flour

Aeri's Kitchen says:

Yes you can add other fillings too… I don’t know what you exactly want..
how about this.. search “Korean Food: Sticky Rice Cakes with Cake Crumbs
(경단) “

MsStargazer1989 says:

hello again..i just want to ask if how can i rise the dough if i don’t have
oven in the house?thanks..

KotobaChan23 says:

Hello ! Am I obliged to use cinnamon powder ? There isn’t something else I
could use ? 🙂

Aeri's Kitchen says:

put your dough under the lamp (light on)… or some warm place in your

Day C says:

I was wondering, could you make 호떡 using American pancake mix? Just to be
clear, I mean pancake mix like “pancakes and sausage”…

Aeri's Kitchen says:

It can be depending on the power of your micro wave.. but 1 minute seems
long.. when you make luck warm water.. you touch the water.. it shouldn’t
be hot or cold.. just feel like warm.. ^^ thanks

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