Korean Recipe: How to Make a Candied Sweet Potato Dessert – Pottetto – Matang – 마탕

Video showing how to make a Korean dessert called Matang and another sweet potato dessert called Ppottetto. Enjoy!


Desmond Taylor says:

Simple and nice recipe ! 😀
I was wondering, may I add some fresh grated ginger root juice to the
syrup, to add some spicyness ? ;)

Halloosh Ghazal says:

Can I use the orange sweet potato?
Because I couldn’t find korean sweet potatoes. :(

Calindy Devenish says:

She’s so cute lol

Maangchi says:

Great! Happy cooking!

kin10kin says:

아… 마탕 진짜 언제 먹어봤는지 이젠 기억도 안나네요… 정말 먹고싶습니다. 잘봤습니다. 감사합니다. ㅎㅎ

MsYummyYumyums says:

Ohhh I love Clazziquai!

Rinchan181 says:

I made this and some of my roommates tried it, one said that it is the only
way she likes sweet potatoes as of now (I used the orange sweet potatoes

tvtoms says:

I do sweet potato fries in the oven. Slice into strips, toss in a bit of
corn starch to help them get crunchy, then olive oil, salt, pepper and then
I use a bit of chili powder but that’s not needed. Hot oven 10 minutes,
flip and another 10.

Maangchi says:

Thank you for the recipe tip for sweet potato latte. You must be a very
creative cook! I can imagine how happy you were when you created the sweet
potato latte which tastes better than the one in a Korean coffee shop. But
they don’t add any coffee to the latte? : ) Anyway, please share your latte
recipe on my website. It sounds great! Check out “reader’s recipes” on the
forum on my website. Nice meeting you!

Bianca Turalija says:

It’s supposed to be eaten cold – as candy. It tasted even better.

Bianca Turalija says:

I love these. They are sometimes served in our cafeteria. Maangchi, do you
make sweet potato lattes? They are available in almost all Korean coffee
shops. I tried to recreate one at home, and made even a better one. One
steamed sweet potato chopped, one cup of boiled milk, 1 tsp of vanilla
flavoured sugar. All combined in a blender and blended until smooth and
frothy! Heaven!!! I learned how to cook Korean from you, and the funny
thing is that my Korean girlfriends are learning from you, too.

ninidagul805 says:

I love how she’s aware that some of her viewers might be worried about
taking in too much oil. very thoughtful. “don’t worry the oil is still
here” 🙂 Thank you for your videos Maangchi. BTW, who takes your videos? 🙂

Odelaisys Valenzuela says:

In Cuba we call it boniato and we eat it fried or steamed as a side dish .
But i am going to try it this this . Looks so yummy

Maangchi says:

yum! **

PinkSushi7 says:

Just made Matang vor the first time – I LOVE IT!!!! :)))

Joe Mama says:

NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!!! HAHA, but yea don’t mix the sugar otherwise it
won’t crystallize, it needs to sit there to turn into caramel 😉

jetstream601 says:

Am I the only one who started dancing at the background music? XD

Arianah Kendall says:

Can you make banana milk please maangchi? 🙂

Fahama Abdul Latheef says:

+Maangchi Kim thank you for the recipe. I tried making the matang. It was

ilovewii11 says:

it may not be as crispy as deep frying it

theklewerz says:

I actually made the Japanese version of this one XD a.k.a. Daigakuimo. I
will definitely try your method though 😀 One question though. I found this
caramel sugar in one of the supermarkets here, can I use it for matang or
hoddeok filling?

slatewarior says:

@endimon06 you did it with regular potatoes?

freakishweirdo says:

That looks so tasty 🙂 defantly going to need to try that out one day <3

PalaisCristalLLC says:

Those Korean sweet potatoes are grown all over the caribbeans, my father
even plants them in his garden.

Azimuthas says:

this is a beautiful, beautiful dish

Icyhot1995 says:

Ha ik I laughed at that myself

lilysings87 says:

Ur so awesome! Ive been dying to make this recipe! Matang, japchae, & the
pancakes(besides korean bbq of course hehe) r all I love to eat as
appetizers at korean restaurants. Thank you so much for sharing!

Maangchi says:

@emituofoyaya yes, I’m encouraging you to cook! Happy cooking! : )

Maangchi says:

@wakingwallaby let me now how your matang turns out if you make it.

akosiredred says:

Wow, it’s like the Philippines’ Kamote-cue.

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