How to Make Vietnamese Dried Banana Candy – Kẹo Chuối

Great video showing how to make a candy treat with bananas. You can also substitute coconut or pineapple or more instead of the bananas. Great for a snack. Watch, make and enjoy.


VansKitchen says:

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Liyah Nguyen says:

Thank you for sharing this recipe. My uncle would make it and send it over
from Vietnam. It is my mom’s favorite. I am going tonmake it hopefully
soon. I but how do n i make dried bananas? 

suztheultimateq2011 says:

Never heard of this before… sounds excellent for banana lovers like me!
Thanks for sharing.

Chloe Tran says:

I wonder why we need dried banana along with the mashed banana

Liyah Nguyen says:

Thank you for sharing. I will be making it for my mom, she loves kẹo chuối.
But how do i make dried bananas? 

Doodah Gurl says:

I’ve never had these before but they look delicious! Thanks for uploading
another great recipe!

Tina Tran says:

Where do you bought the natural dried banana chị?

Amy Tran says:

can can pineapple be use instead of fresh pineapple?

Tu Trinh says:

Đây là món ăn vặt lúc tuổi thơ của em khi còn ở vn. Em sẽ try to make it
when I have free time. Thanks for sharing so much chị Van

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