How to Make Japanese Swiss Roll or Japanese Roll Cake

Excellent video showing how to make a favorite Japanese dessert, the Roll Cake or sometimes referred to as Japanese Swiss Roll. Enjoy!


bree Williams says:

Good job!

zoe payne says:

I love this channel so much……..and I was wondering if you could do a couple of videos on kracie popping cookin it would be much appreciated xx

Pranav D says:

The recipe is so great and the presentation is so professional. Thanks.
Meanwhile, what is the name of the background music you have used. I liked it a lot.

ochikeron says:


keikei198 says:


Asianlover216993 says:

thank you so much!!! 🙂

ochikeron says:

that is whipping cream

Asianlover216993 says:

Hi Ochikeron!
I have a question. What is fresh cream???

MaiSuperAngel says:

instead of using cake flour can i use red velvet cake mixture powder??? i would like to make this cake but the person i’m making it for only likes red velvet cakes

Shania Rayman says:


BLTwitch says:

Japanese people are so patient! xD

Deve Dezeme says:

 the musique is in what language

schmeewho says:

My mom used to make durian cake but I’ve made durian ice cream myself.

runnerback2z says:

thks…BTW…what was the name of the singer / music group…and very delicious easy to make Tim

iBenTV says:

she felt the mixture with her fingers…..

iBenTV says:

are you sure? when i came to tokyo I stayed in the Tawaramachi district, there are lots of durians in the ROX department store supermarket.. haha maybe its just the supermarket ^_^

sakuralady87 says:

Sorry. What is the sized of your cake mold?!

Sierra Falk says:

when you melted the eggs and sugar over the hot water, how do you know when its 40C? do you use something?

97kichi says:

Hello! I found this answer on How To Make A Rainbow Cake Roll – with yoyomax12
Place 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in the bottom of a one cup measure, fill to the top with all purpose flour. This makes one cup of cake flour substitute.

wrenchpainter says:

the song is Papaloko by Axial.

wrenchpainter says:


abtomaat says:

This is the best roll cake recipe I have tried. It came out PERFECT. Thank you so much!!!

yc70jade says:

I love all your recipes! They always turn out perfect. I never baked until I started watching your videos <3 so I have you to thank ^.^

Regina Wong says:

What can i use to replace cake flour ?

misty308 says:

Hi can I replace the milk w lemon juice if I want to make lemon swiss roll/

Yue Huan Low says:

Hi! 🙂 Could I add cocoa powder to the recipe if I want to make a chocolate swiss roll? 🙂

Lala .V. Saldaña Abreu says:

Miauu mmm <3

afsar masood says:

y du heat the egg mixture?

Naomi Hill says:

What song is playing?

Violinios says:

superfine sugar is basically just finer granulated sugar, but not so finer that its powdered. 

Violinios says:

it wont be as good at all… whipping heavy cream is quite easy so just do it. I guarantee you’ll thank meh later 😉

akirasuzuryuu says:

sorry, i want to ask, what’s the differences between superfine sugar and granulated sugar? @@ your videos btw 🙂

Amber Lei says:

I think it depends on how humid it is and what the temperature is where you live 🙂

63872639 says:

i love your choice of music on this one ^_^!

ochikeron says:


79Memie says:

not only i love your cooking but love watching your video too. everything is just so darn cute and perfect! 🙂

Diana Quetzal Hernandez Lugo says:

Can i use whip cream instead of the cream with sugar? Thank you for your videos you make things pretty easy to make(im not a great cook) and delicious

0sasorisama0 says:

Hi ochikeron! I loved your background music!! Can you say the song’s name?? 😀

ngbinhua1999 says:

Can I use light whipping cream instead????

sababest93 says:

yup! hehe

Christopher Tan says:

In your strawberry shortcake recipe, you dipped your bowl under cold water to form the cream. Do i really should dip it or not? Please help. 🙂

ochikeron says:

about 8 minutes… depending on the room temp :)

ochikeron says:

no. i don’t see it in japan… is that the one that smells bad?! hehe

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