French Recipes: Disney World – Magic Kingdom – Puffed French Toast Dessert

Puffed French Toast just like those in the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom, Disney World Orlando. This is a simple recipe that make for a delicious dessert for all to enjoy.


Shy Galadriel says:

I made this with whole wheat bread and a fine-ground whole wheat (trader joe’s). It was DELISH!!!

Nestor Pavia says:


TheDisneyDiner says:

Awww, I’m so glad to her y’all liked them!! You’re very welcome. 🙂

Jamilette Carrasquillo says:

Me and my little sister made these today, and I just wanna thank you. They were so good 🙂 thanks again.

TheDisneyDiner says:

You’re very welcome! I’m so glad to hear y’all enjoyed them. Thanks for watching!! 🙂

TheDisneyDiner says:

I actually have that recipe. I’ll add it to the list. Stay tuned, it may show up soon! 😉

Ryan Gapi says:

I just made these this morning… it was a hit all around! Great job on your videos. I will be making a whole lot more of the recipes that you post. Thanks!

paulakap8 says:

Looks so good

paulakap8 says:

Yum wow I gotta try

Cielo Amezcua says:

I looooove all ur recipes! please please pleaseeee do the cheese french toast recipe from cinderellas royal table!!!

YadhiraZ says:

I made these and they are spectacular!

BabyAng3l2011 says:

Wow thats my dream kitchen

YadhiraZ says:

I made these and they were so good they reminded me of doughnuts.

Barbarianvibrations says:

Now this is the french toast recipe I was looking for. Thanks for your time making this video 🙂

TheDisneyDiner says:

So glad y’all liked it! You’re welcome. ;) Thanks for commenting. 🙂

niansillabffs says:

Omg I made this for my family the other morning and it was a HIT! thanks so much for this recipe!

TheDisneyDiner says:

Ooooh, that sounds so good! You’re welcome. Thanks for watching! 🙂

iheartgdgc says:

I just made this with Apple Cinnamon Swirl bread for my dad and uncle and it was a hit! Thank you for making Disney Diner videos! I’ll definitely be trying more recipes and continuing to watch :)))) you rock 😀

Raquel Maltez says:

yum yum yumm<3...

TheDisneyDiner says:

Thanks! I’ve never tried it but I don’t see why not. The batter may just be slightly thicker.

Rhythm515 says:

Excellent recipe – Thank You for sharing! Can you use heavy cream instead of milk?

TheDisneyDiner says:

Sorry no. They would be soggy instead of crisp. They need to be fried in either oil or vegetable shortening.

jenniferdfgaf says:

Can u use butter instead of oil

GoldCurency o says:

Great vid

TheDisneyDiner says:

You’re very welcome!! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

DisneyMBA says:

Every time we go to the Crystal Palace for breakfast, I make a beeline for the children’s buffet (Pooh’s Corner) and grab a piece of the puffed french toast for my daughter. And I also grab two for me as well! Thanks for showing how to make these at home!!

michelle sprauve says:

love it I miss working at disney….

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