French Recipe: How to Make a Dense and Intense French Chocolate Cake

How to bake a French cholocate cake that is rich and dense. For all you chocolate lovers. Enjoy!


Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

I’m gonna eat you little cakey…

Aslihan Goktas says:

no idea why but her voice reminds me of an old tv programme called *red dwarf*

Zara Shakeel says:

Do a recipe for macarons!

reginaDeviant says:

“Don’t be greedy with it”- are you kidding??????? I’m gonna eat the lot, so there!!

jasonkennedy52960 says:

I love she is the best

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

Yes you can.

Heo Kuti says:

can we use purpose flour?????

TheBronyChannel555 says:

You should try making rainbow cupcakes Titli! 🙂

Maddie Chan says:

You are so good at baking Titli! 🙂

chunkyy monkeyy says:

could u use a loaf tin instead?

kawaiiushii says:

it’s saying hi.. muslims say it as a hello and goodbye, it literally means (peace be upon you) (salam=peace and alaikum=upon you)

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

It should be more like a soft fudge.

kawaiiushii says:

i made it and it turned delish but i have a question ?

is it supposed to turn out more jelly/caramel like than a cake ? for a moment i though it was an undercooked cake >< !!

kawaiiushii says:

i didn’t put it on a round tin i put it on a small rectangular one… it turned out so moist rich and delish !! thanks Titlinihaan !!

azoreansarah says:

Oh Titli darling, you want tou give me diabetes =D

shinyMismagius says:

i love your videos! i cant wait to try out your recipes! this will probably be the first one i try. i cant wait, it looks absolutely yummy!

Minecraftloverrr123 says:

R you a muslim plz plz plz reply and by the way best recipe evaaa!

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:


Ientan Saakynah says:

easy to make it!! now my mom’s kitchen will not explode anymore .

Ientan Saakynah says:

is the cake halal ?

crazydubaddict says:

its a language muslims use…

Anilucard says:

You could easly get our own tv-programe here in Sweden. We’re suckers for cooking shows and your awesome show would so go home here! 😀 <3

ศรีวิไล วงศ์ถาวร says:

thank you i love you สวัสดีค่ะ

Kriss Ds says:

I guess u can use glass as long as it goes into the oven! lol

Kriss Ds says:

Thank you for your recipes and your humour, I am going to try to make this great french chocolat cake as well as the carrot cake!!

imogen harris says:

tomato soup! please :).

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