French Recipe: French Toast Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Raisins Recipe

Simple and easy French toast with a dessert filling of cream cheese and raisins. Perfect for breakfast or just dessert. Enjoy!


Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks :-)

verito817 says:

Looks great!

Victoria Paikin says:

Good luck and thank you for using my recipes 🙂

InsterV says:

YUM. gna try this tomorrow !! (:

Victoria Paikin says:

HEHE true… but people love this one and anyway I make it really rarely. Thank you for watching my videos!

Carlos Ramirez says:

diabetes right on the plate!

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks 🙂

Nancy Garcia says:

This looks soooo good! Yummy!!

Victoria Paikin says:


Avoir Chaud says:

This looks so delicious!

cocoPABL0 says:

You are such a joy to watch! You seem like such a funny, sweet lady and this recipe is easy enough for me to try heheh 😀 I will definitely try this out myself…looks delicious!

AnotherAmateur says:

Very nice. I have made French toast using cream. I hope you’ll take a look sometime. There are so many recipes for French toast and they all seem delicious. Thanks for these great ideas!

Victoria Paikin says:

OO Thank you so much! It’s OK it is your food so make it your way my recipe is here to give people idea so enjoy! Have a Happy Holidays!

libfr33 says:

I tried your recipe this morning. I have to say it was great! my kids loves it. I did do a couple of things different..

erickaarredondo3 says:

Do u no how 2 make granola bars… 🙂 thanks

Grandma CheapCheap says:

Wow, thanks for considering to do the video. You’re a great cook.

Grandma CheapCheap says:

Adding this to my to do list…………..

Neil Devine says:

Thay’s a great idea Victoria. Looks wonderful. Thank you

Helena Paikin says:

look very nice.thanks!

janetka1981 says:

Looks so delicious!! I’ll use this recipe 🙂

LESTER N says:

You are welcome Victoria.

LESTER N says:

LOOKS SOOOOO LOVELY and delicious Victoria!

toddcalling says:

Cheers Viktoria! Looks FAB!

Peace Smoke says:

Mmmmmm!! New sub. here! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Stamey says:

OMG that looks AMAZ-ZING! I must must try this! Cheers Susan!

PhyllisSophical says:

Love the look on your face when you took a bite. 🙂 Ahhhhh, heaven!!! What good is a diet if you can’t go off of it for something like this once in a while. Yummy!!!

subotaj says:

It looks so yummy!

FitAnge S says:

Lol I love your videos your so enjoyable to watch! Well done and thank you

julieannemichelle says:

i love french toast!!!!!!!! thank you.

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