Dessert Recipe: How to Make a Mango Cheesecake with no Eggs

This is a fantastic video showing how to make a Mango Cheese Cake with absolutely no eggs and no baking. Enjoy!


bigtruckseriesreview . says:

I just want to see how you make the Mango topping.

bigtruckseriesreview . says:

I make the cheesecake portion with 3 cream cheese packs, 3 eggs, 1 cup
sugar and 2 tablespoons coconut rum.

Once that’s done you can put any topping on- including mango.

You’re mixing the mango into the cake. Not sure if I want to give up the
taste of seperate cheesecake and topping.

Falisha Mohammed says:


Bhavna's Kitchen says:
Siti Saadiah says:

Well done!!!!

Nimi says:


Bhavna's Kitchen says:


Bhavna's Kitchen says:

I make chicoo icecream same as I showd mango ice cream.

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Will sure try!

dhodi123 says:

we don’t have greek yogurt in india? can I use normal yogurt…its never
thick as I make it at home..pls reply

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

I did show from start, it’s cracker crumbs crust that I showed in this same

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Sorry, I haven’t posted written recipe yet b/c I am in India right now and
vids were posted in advance and not able to update much at this time.

Saphireblue3 says:

No it’s a type of seaweed

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Yes, Agar is substitute for gelatin.

Kiki Contreras says:

gosh, it looks so yummy!

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Will sure try!

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

You can use other creamy dairy product.

Jenn Grace says:

Cracker crumb alternatives= graham cracker crumbs, ginger snap crumbs, any
crunchy cookie crumbs… or even pretzel crumbs!

danielle says:

Oh my goodness Bhavna this looks so good I’m gonna have to try this one
where did you get the mango puree?

shruti dhingra says:

Thanks for the reply dear 🙂

rr08 says:

Wow…luks so yummy, will definitely give it a try…Pls help, I Would like
to know….Is agar powder essential ingredient? And what can be the
possible alternative for cracker crumbs?

Penny Brown says:

Hmmn,wonder how this would go a scoop of my “Strawberry A-Go-Go OOoooorrrr
my “Chunky HARD CORE Chocolate.I’m thinkin BOTH!

cri n says:


Bhavna's Kitchen says:

That means no store bought juice. Only fresh juice squeezed on the same day!

rlarrozaberrett says:

Hi.where I can find the recipe x the mango cheese hard for me to do
it if I no have a print recipe

Bhavna's Kitchen says:


Vinessha Pandiraj says:

Hi Bhavana, looks yummy 🙂 i want to know if agar agar can be replaced by
corn powder?the white corn powder that we get in subzi mandi?and also i
dont have springform pans at home, instead can the normal round pan be
used?please let me know.

preet grewala says:

Can I use indian store canned mango pulp instead of fresh mangoes

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Yes. But watch out for sugar since canned one is very sweet.

Bhavna's Kitchen says:


Vinessha Pandiraj says:

one more question,can you let me know if i can use home made curd?it is not
as thivk as yoghurt but notvery liquidy too?please let me know.

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

You can use corn starch or arrow root powder.

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

I guess my busy life keeps me fit. I eat everything moderate and break down
my meals in small portions.

mahathi13 says:

What is cracker crumbs? Is it bread crumbs?

Pinky Kaursukhmany says:

thx bhavna today i prepare khandvi & peanut chikki thx for the recepies

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Gelatin powder, corn starch or arrow root.

radika suman says:

hi bhavana….. pingani means porcelain bowls can we used to make

nayla06DZ says:

hi again bhavna plz there is something i wanna ask the cheese that we use
in the cake is it a little bit salty?like Philadelphia cheese?????

orlendatube says:

YES philly cream cheese is the BEST! LOVE the mention of a gelitin
alternitive….i’m not a vegetarian, but i am trying to eat more
vegetairian products, so i appreciate it!

shruti dhingra says:

Hi Bhavna … Love your recipes 🙂 I want to ask that same quantity of
ingredients can be used for 9″ spring form tin too ???

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Wonderful…keep enjoying!

Sean Williams says:


AffordableFabulous says:

Hi I was wondering if this is really sweet as there is a lot of sugar in

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Would sure love to hear how it turns out!

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Agar is perfect for vegetarians since no animal stuff at all in it.

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

You most welcome…enjoy!

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