Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Vietnamese Daikon and Carrot Pickles – Do Chua

Video showing how to make a Vietnamese Carrot and Daikon pickle as a great side dish or condiment to your food. Enjoy!


Mama Bby 〈3 says:

Thank you!!

natalydn says:

Music was annoying and loud. Instructions not very clear but ok. Thanks for
the upload :)

Je Muas says:


AirrowRocket says:

Hard do hear but a nice video!

Boriville says:

Yes, you can use it for Vietnamese Sandwich. =)

Doodah Gurl says:

Thanks for the upload, boriville. This looks easy and simple enough for me.
LOL! I really like the lighting you use in your videos, very natural – none
of that filming in the dark or yellow light – yay!! Also, your camera work
is very clear. What type of camera do you use? BTW, the music was wee bit
loud and drowned out your voice so maybe turn it down a bit and speak
louder, eh? Thanks again for your hard work!

Je Muas says:

Same setup as Vietnamese Sandwich right!?

Boriville says:

I use Canon 60D with the 50mm lens. Sorry about the audio. Thank you for
watching =)

Boriville says:

Thank you, sorry about the audio.

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