Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Vietnamese Beef Stew at Home – Bò Kho

How to make a Beef Stew called Bo Kho like they do it in Vietnam. Enjoy!

Ingredients (4-6 servings)

1.3 kg (3 lb) beef
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chicken stock
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tsp five-spice/ bo kho powder
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp grated ginger
2 tbsp soy sauce
4 stalks lemongrass, cut into 3-inch
3 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
1.5 cup tomato sauce (or 3 tbsp tomato paste)
300ml coconut water / coconut soda
6 cups beef broth (or water)
1 kg ( 2 lb) carrots
more salt, sugar, chicken stock to taste
optional: coloring oil from annatto seeds
French baguettes / rice noodle
pepper, fried red shallot
sawtooth herbs, Thai basils
thinly sliced onion, chopped spring onion, cilantro


PutuPup says:

Eating this for breakfast is far more nourishing than eating typical
cereals that kids are fed these days such as coco pops and corn flakes.
This is real food.
Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Henlie Santos says:

Hi Helen, I was wondering how long would the cooking time be needed and at
what heat level if I use it on a regular stove? I don’t have my own
pressure cooker yet hehe. Please let me know soon! Thank you :)

hollister ca says:

yummy 🙂 i’m making it right now. thanks Helen :)

Long Huynh says:

Yea so I love you

lovelyclover111 says:

Helen: Let’s have a taste
Me: Shut up !!!!! :((((
p/s thanks Helen

Tony Nelson says:

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on this link and learn the secret to great tasting Ox Tail Stew! The Best
and Easiest Ox-tail Stew Recipe

Johnny M says:

I am going to try this hopefully I don’t screw it up. Thanks helen!

Sel Tse says:

delicious!! thanks for the amazing recipe! the husband loved it as well and
raved about it all night!!

Timmy N says:

Thanks for the recipe Helen, I made this for my family the other day, it
taste wonderful and has so much flavor and aroma. They all love it.

Neo Iam says:

Hu Tieu Bo Kho from Helen’s Recipe, Thank you Helen! It looks and taste
Just one thing: if we like coconut milk, it is OK to do so, but it will
neutralize the aroma of the herbs, what it suppose not to be. I like it
both, next time without coco milk.

Jeff Ava says:

pho upgraded

Stephanie Yip says:

Thanks Helen for all your great recipes. I made this recipe the other day
and it is amazing! 

Robin Isaac says:

Hi Helen.Love your recipes.

Aung htwe says:

If u are single, i would like to marry you. lol… I need good housewife…

Alisha Le says:

My mom usually adds potatoes to this.

arphysis says:

Helen… lol.

trucomtipi says:

I was wondering if I can add potatoes in this recipe.

Dan Dinh says:

Hi Helen, thanks for your Vietnamese Beef Stew’s recipe. I made it
yesterday. It was yummy. I like your presentation, for it’s easy to follow
and it looks neat and clean. I will make Bun Bo Hue next week. Love your
Bun Bo Hue’s recipe too. Thanks a lot.

Dao Pham says:

So going to try this! I dont have access to these wonderful Vietnamese
dishes so the best thing is to learn to cook it myself. Thank you for
keeping it simple & easy to understand!

qle76 says:

Best Viet cooking show! Good work Helen !

Emaline L. says:

We have something very similar in Taiwan. Its called spicy beef soup 🙂 I’m
probably going to butcher the the romanization of the actual name so
basically we add lots of tomatoes, beef tendon and brisket, some chili
paste, and similar seasonings as stated in this video and simmer it for a
long time til the meats falls apart. Then serve with noodles on a cold day!

phuong uyen says:

so good… thanks so much Helen…i love this recipes .. really good.. i
will make this 

weirdaznchic says:

i want to try this one day ! 😀

Luiz Gueiros says:

you are wonderful

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

We can eat any noodle soup dishes for breakfast, sticky rice, banh mi, banh
cuon etc.

gee really says:

You’re my favorite cook guru on youtube! I’ve been cooking some of the
dishes on your channel n I gotta say..most of them turn out really good!
Thanks so much! I’m gonna make this 1 today!

blutey says:

Cooked this last week. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

TamAnh Nguyen says:

Helen, where did you get the container for the salt and sugar, look so
cool, I want to buy one also ,

granako says:

Nicely done Helen:)! I’ll give it a try…

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

you can choose one editing software (eg. Windows Movie Maker, iMovies or
Sony vegas etc. and look for tutorials in youtube on how to add music, sub

weirdaznchic says:

looks good =)

Aussie John says:

Simply Awesome……This is one of my favourite soup. Thank you.

cynot71 says:

6 cups of water? Would 2 be too strong? 6 cups sound like a lot to me.

Docson7 says:

I’m digging this dish..:)

Dem Ise says:

Bo Kho is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes! Very good video, great
quality and well explained. I’ve made bo kho 2 times already but im going
to make it 1 more time using your recipe! Thank you!!!

Becky Luong says:

Can you make a bo kho with chicken instead?

Helen M says:

Is it compulsory to have cinnamon stick? Or can i leave it out or
substitute it for something else?

suksawan inthisorn says:

Yummmmmmmmy I love u

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

i dont think my answer helps but anyway I bought it at a local drugstore

weirdaznchic says:

Aw, u look so cute ! i love ur hat =)

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

I think they use slightly different spices (not sure in details) but I am
used to the fragrance of Vietnamese one. Oh, one more difference is that
Vietnamese one is normally sold in small packages (5-10g, labelled as Bot
Ngu Vi Huong) wheareas Chinese one is normally sold in a small jar.

Tuan Tran says:

Made this the other day, very tasty!

Tracy Nguyễn says:

bò kho làm gì có khoai tây bạn ơi. bạn nhầm lagu bò rồi

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

ok 🙂

Đậu Đen says:

Thanks bạn nhiều nhé.

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

I wish there were leftovers! hehe

Jerry Kim Gomez says:

This is eaten for breakfast??? SWEET!!! With a fried egg. Come to think of
it, what else do Vietnamese people eat for breakfast?

Anna Summer says:

now u have an idea for dinner tonight, thanks Helen

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