Vietnamese Recipe: How to Make Sticky Rice Cake with Pork and Mung Bean – Banh Tet Man

Great video recipe on making a sticky rice cake with Mung Bean and Pork as they do in Vietnam called Banh Tet Man. Enjoy!


Doodah Gurl says:

Really interesting recipe, Boriville. I’ve not had this before, but as the
video was going along, I thought for sure the cooking process would be via
steam but then your mom dropped it into the boiling water. I thought that
was really interesting. Loved watching your mom tie the sticky rice cake
like a pro. Thanks for another great upload and here’s to a wonderful,
healthy, and happy New Year to your whole family!

Thuc Linh Nguyen says:

will it give us cancer for using a plastic wrap?

Ray Titselaar says:

@Thuc Linh Nguyen .why plastic wrap u think u can boil it same like banana
leaves noway forget it .Thank u miss Boriville love ur recepie.

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