Vietnamese Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake Recipe – Bánh trung thu tím

Not too sweet, very colorful purple sweet potato mooncake. Delicious gluton free, egg free Vietnamese recipe.


van nguyen says:

where are you from? If you’re single come to Australia and marry me! haha
I think your beautiful and very talented.

Haily Le says:

Chi Helen! Chi mua cai mooncake mold o amazon lau chua chi? Tai kg thay loai mold do nau! Cam o chi nhieu!

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

duoc em ah, co dieu nhan nay co’ nuoc cot dua nen se mau hu* do nha.

Hương Huỳnh says:

Chị ơi nếu em làm lấy khoai làm nhân với trứng muối thay vì làm vỏ có được không ạ

LiKatha says:

Great 😀 thank you helen!

Phuong Le says:

Thank you very much Hellen. I love it. I hope you can show us how to make banh bia dau xanh sau rieng for next time. Thanks again

หนูบี แสนซน says:


Юлия Лоладзе says:

Откуда у вас сгущеное молоко из России?)))

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food) says:

you can buy in chinatown, at Asian store or online (link below the video)

chihaibe69 says:

Where do we buy moon cake mold in us?

HelenRecipes says:

H mua o 1 bakery o VN

anniepoonanie says:

I just order some moon cake molds, can’t wait for them to get here so I can make this!!!!

Ashlee Trinh says:

Love your videos <3 chị ơi chị làm bánh trung thu nướng nhân thập cẩm vs trứng muối đc ko chị ^^

thegermankitchen says:

wow, purple is my favorite color 🙂 have to try this. It’s such a great way to learn more about foreign cultures through food. check out my german cooking channel and my contest entry to jamie olivers search for a food tube star.

Fcs Lee says:

Too pretty to eat. I love most of your recipes. Keep up the good work.

Anna JannieTran says:

Chi oi chi mua cai khuon lam banh o dau zay chi

Jill Yo says:

hay thật đấy chị ơi :)) e cứ nghĩ là e ko làm đc bánh trung thu cơ :3 giờ thì ít nhất cũng làm đc một kiểu bánh trung thu rồi :)) thích thật đấy yê yê

natalydn says:

Dep qua chi oi. I love purple.

karenicy says:

hấp dẫn lắm bạn

1demetrabrown says:

So pretty

채리 믄 says:


lillybabe124able says:

Really cool !!!! Gonna try this recipe

NhuStar says:

Make 3 layer Che!!!

LaDieHpnotiq says:

So funny after after I finish watching this video, went to the kitchen and my dad was eating the purple yam lol

xox102 says:

Helen can you make banh thap cam

28mizzkitty says:

Chi can you make banh trung thu thap cam?

StrawberryKeyblade88 says:

could i use regular sweet potato’s with this recipe?

buuis says:

Hi Chi Helen. Chi co the lam video ve mon an chua de an o tren truong ma de lam dc ko? ^_^

Tigresshomebrew says:

That looks so fantastic, and you made it seem so simple. I will give it a try, thank you Helen.

mehmey says:

Keep making videos please!!!

Huong Tran says:

Oh wow, good ideal. Cam on co be Helen de thuong ma lai gioi nua .

Krystina Tran says:

Wow!!! Chi lam nhin dep qua!! Mai mot em mua khuon de thu lam mon nay o nha! ^^

mttiger98 says:

I love watching your videos keep it up!!:)

HelenRecipes says:

you can use those molds too I guess

Lan Phuong says:

Sorry Helen 🙂 minh biet nham ten ban

Lan Phuong says:

Helle oi ban huong dan lam banh trung thu nuong nhe 🙂

Sandy Vo says:

You know what’s funny while I was watching this video my dad was eating a purple yam

abbeyglencircle says:

Thanks!!!!!!!! Come to San Jose.

Jolie Rebecca says:

Helen oi, Helen co biet lam banh trung thu nuong ko, chi minh voi ! Thanks so much!
Tuan nao minh cung cho den ngay Helen ra video moi de xem, hihihi…

lycheemichix3 says:


jose g says:

can I use taro? I hate the taste of sweet potato.

jannn421 says:

can you teach us how to make banh trung thu with the mixed nuts? thank you chi helen!

jannn421 says:

in a chinatown or you can buy it online

oH2SO4o says:

You are a wonderful girl!
From an Italian fan <3

Py Nguyễn says:

Ngon qa chi oiiii :*

Shakeela Khan says:


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