A Tour of Street Food in Hue City Vietnam

Great food tour of Hue City in Vietnam. Not a recipe but this video gives you a fantastic guide to the foods and where to find the local delights.


yeastori says:

I miss my home in Saigon, been 12 years since I have been there. Spent 8 years living in a small house shack I district 9.

duma sang says:

subbed, cheers for sharing

Jessica Nguyen says:

nice love you babe

Summer's Reviews (Vietnamese street food) says:

check the description box below the vid 😀

Vincent Hoang says:

Omg name the places pls

Tuấn Nguyễn says:

your english is really good . i love your accent

Ace Rms says:

make some more videos ! it makes me hungry !

Acronymity Titanium says:

Ohmygod… Vietnamese food looks so good!!!

Hoang Tran says:

thanks for your hard work ! great video !

andz0 says:

de thuong wa


miyagi917 says:

Giọng nói của em dễ thương ghê… I miss Huế so much…

Trang Minh says:

cute voice !:))

babybleuroses says:

Going to volunteer in hue in July, hope I get to find good eateries too!

Summer's Reviews (Vietnamese street food) says:

I hope it’s good tears 🙂

Hoai Hoang says:

I love ur voice, really cute. Look at those dishes, it makes me in tears. I miss vnese food so much . Nothing is better than home

Summer's Reviews (Vietnamese street food) says:

Thanks, I’ll try. Took me so much time to make this one

AirrowRocket says:

Great video!

HelenRecipes says:

Great video, Uyen. You should do more of these 🙂

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