Authentic Video Recipe on Making Vietnamese Hot and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – Bún Bò Huế

Video recipe on how to make spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Making the broth in dish is the important component. This dish show how to make it in detail. Enjoy!


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Loan Dorst says:

Very good instruction Helen. You are very talent young lady.

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Helen you have such soft and beautiful voice no need for background music.,btw nice video..Thanks for sharing 🙂

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Can I just use already made sate instead of making it?

Thu Le says:

OMG you make me hungry!!! 0.0

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why does everyone hate the music?! it’s nice

Jon b says:

all the soup . bun bo hue prolly the most complex .

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Helen you are truly amazing!! Thanks for all your videos!! Keep up with an excellent job!!

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Check out “inspiredtaste” for better videos….

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Kim Ng says:

Thank you for sharing the recipes of Bun Bo Hue. Yummmmmyyyy… I am not Vietnamese but love to eat the Vietnamese food. Thank you again

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The music bothered me soooo much. I love your videos and recipes.

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mic19671 says:

Hi Helen : Thank you for replying to my request on hot pickled pigs foot soup.
The Bun Bo Hue isn’t what I was looking for.
I was told the pigs foot was soaked for weeks in some type of spices and flavored vinegar until pickled then placed in soup. THANKS !!!!!!!

ShaIDowIMonIk609 says:

Thank you for the super quick reply & the awesome job that you do.

HelenRecipes says:


HelenRecipes says:

hihi sorry :P

HelenRecipes says:

I use Knorr chicken/pork stock powder but you can use others as well. For your reference, I add about 3 tbsp salt and 2 tbsp fish sauce and 1 tbsp pork/chicken stock. But it’s different every time. You need to adjust to your taste. And the saltiness of salt is not the same everywhere

ShaIDowIMonIk609 says:

Hi Helen, I’ve been a subscriber of yours for a few months now. Love your channel. Just a couple of questions. Approximately how much salt, fish sauce & chicken stock do you add for the final seasoning before the stock finished? When you say chicken stock, is that ion the form of liquid in a can or the powder? Thank you in advance.

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Best Food

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You have a soft voice.
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Love your vids.

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I actually like the music
and love the soup

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waw,you speak little japanese!i like vietnam noodle so i will try it.

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HelenRecipes says:

yes it is a normal pot

BearSugarx says:

the pot you used to boil the beef bones in, is it a normal pot?

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Dat music though… -_-

cobu gi says:

I can’t wait to try to make this at home. Awesome!

Dem Ise says:

I’m such a big fan of Bun bo hue.. i like it more than pho!!! Great job again Helen, you are the best!!!!

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chị ơi tại sao nước luộc xương k để nấu lấy nc ăn lun sẻ ngọt ngon lắm đó c

LordxOni says:

Awesome video! The music is a little loud though 🙁

Khanh Pham says:

don gian ma sau sac

xtinahuong says:

Great recipe! Made it today & it was delicious!

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Great job cooking!  Horrible job choosing the music.

Paul Ngo says:

Wait, what happened the the chicken/pork blood? But, the shrimp sauce is a very nice touch. Nice job.

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the back ground music is really annoying…

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thank you for sharing with us made me hungry

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