Thailand Recipe: How to make Homemade Duck Thai Red Curry Like a Pro

Thailand is famous for its spicy curries.  This is a video recipe on making a Thai Red Curry with duck and vegetables make by a chef. Enjoy!


championcough says:

omg this guy is so cute lol

Penny Ortiz says:

i like it with pineapple and cherry tomatoes too

jacksonbigdog2 says:

Oriental expert??? ok, if you say so.

FoodSummit says:

That was fast! Haven’t tried Thai Red Curry with duck, thank you for the
video! 😀

jacksonbigdog2 says:

you can tell that the sauce is fresh…you can hear the seal snap when he
opened the jar

JB says:

I tried the blue dragon green curry sauce and it was absolutely terrible. I
advise people who want to get a real taste of thai curry to make the curry
by themselves or to buy a curry paste with which, by adding coconut milk
and other fresh ingredients, you can get a much more fresh and natural

myopenheartconz says:

I think you need to learn how to cook before making videos… epic fail.

Danielle White says:

awehh ! I’m going to half to agree with you!!! 😀

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