Thailand Recipe: How to Cook a Delicious Red Curry Duck with Pineapples – Gaeng Pet Ped Yang

This recipe shows how to make an authentic red curry with duck and pineapples. Enjoy!


Sai Houat says:

I agree bout the music I had to turn it down

MsLingarOo Valentino says:

dont want to be rude… but the music really annoys me, no description of
the ingredient and also details of what was put in the cooking process!
food looks amazing!…. YUM.

CloudDouche says:

the music sucks m8

peacefrog1916 says:


Nulfox says:

Looks delicious, something to try at home.

TheShadedShadow says:

I would leave out the tomato’s and put in bell pepper.

xxbuliusx says:

that is it’s men with girls hands 😀

MrEEEkane412 says:

I do a lot more delicious. I made ​​more delicious than you do.

Madeaw Chaisiri says:

@ nakshasharma Fish Sauce

mai xiong says:

@MsJanet1024 the ingrediant its on the bottom of the video

Janet MclAUGHLIN says:

where is the ingridients?….

TheShadedShadow says:

Just made this for the first time, it was really good, minus the duck, hard
to find in my town or is very expensive. Used green bell peppers instead of
the tomato’s.

djgodz79 says:

thanks, well done.

iryan74656 says:

@ qeti05 fuck you madness qeti05 stop being mean or rude cuz your smarter
then other so cool off jerks.

sexiazn1986 says:

mm looks delicious

jeffrey2177 says:

hi I do it like you do with the coconut milk first then curry paste. did
you try reversing them and if so was it different? thanks

goatopera says:

thank you for such a good cooking lesson now on to the rice

123kush says:

i love red curry.

William Beesley says:

whenever I make curry I put the coconut milk in first and let it boil, then
I put the curry paste in and let it simmer(then I add my seared meat, raw
veggies, etc) . Is what you’re doing a better way to do it? Next time I
make mine I’m gonna try it this way and cook the curry paste with the
chicken fat and juices…soo good. I love curry!

17teacmrocks says:

that background music is annoying

chefcommons says:

Nice work, we liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons .
com w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish
for it to be featured)

stsilas01 says:

Im starving

sherrybutch says:

i like her hands, so smooth like a commercial model

Jonnexon Vang says:

i thought you’re suppose to put bamboos in there too?? or is it just a

tonyhawkfan213 says:


ko8781 says:

i thaink i don’t like or like

zunidoll2 says:

Good looking dish. I have made this dish but not exactly the same way. What
is the name of the music and artist?

Thaworn Khamloet says:


graffwriterfate2 says:

looks so good

Jesus Christ says:

i love red curry

kickassboy777 says:

ducky go moooo!!!! :PPPPP

Saaettle says:

starving, I hadn’t ate lunch- thanxs. lol :D. Anyways, i love it, i think
it would’ve been better if you’d talked. And…nice music, but kinnda
bothersome….yeah. like the vid though! 😀

Naksha Sharma says:

What did you add after the sugar?

glitterboi says:

i luv แกงเผ็ดเป็ดย่าง 😀 … lekker

17teacmrocks says:

@sherrybutch that’s a man :p

TikiTikiOverdose says:

OMG that’s what i’m gonna say! 😀

FitAnge S says:

yummm! i love this curry.

pmarie2003 says:

A pair of ducks came to my pond and had babies. Now they are big and are
eating my chickens’ food. It’s time to umm.. cull the flock. This looks
delicious! I am picturing it over rice with green beans. Thanks.

qeti05 says:


magicman1455 says:

can i use pig dick lolololol

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