Thailand Food Recipe: How to Make a Roasted Duck Red Curry with Pineapple and Tomatoes – Kaeng Phet Ped Yang

How to make a spicy red curry duck with pineapple and tomatoes. Fantastic video recipe. Enjoy!


Yen Tran says:

That is pea eggplant, you can find in some Asian shops.


Awesome!! Thx.

Angela Yang says:

What is your Website-I’d like the recipe for the Homemade Red Curry Paste

RandomPsychic says:

@TheFinalStep I think that is the Roated Ducks balls…

Sam Santi says:

@zistyles Thank you so much

zistyles says:

u fucking suck MAN!!!!!!

Temple of Thai says:

Thanks, I have embedded this on my site but I have had a request for
subtitles could you add them if you have the time? You can use the Edit
captions/subtitles link at the top of the page.

927315 says:

I love this dish.

ทวีสิน ทองทวี says:

Turkey berry

TheFinalStep says:

What’s this at 3:30??

Sam Santi says:

@TheFinalStep Yes that right ?? 3:30 what is that mean?

germanshep999 says:

You just bummed me out, using curry paste……cheater.

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