How to Cook Thai Stir Fry Vegetables w/ Tofu – Pad Pak Toa Hoo

Easy Pad Pak Toa Hoo recipe. Great illustration on how to cook this dish. Tofu and stir fry vegetables. Enjoy!


evvignes says:


martin142536 says:

Thank you:)

acimut2303 says:

Good video, very authentic!

martin142536 says:

Thank you, yes, I bought this wok in Thailand more than 10 years ago, this is one of typical thai street vendor wok types

Della Delia says:

Is that a Thai wok? It has a very nice patina.

martin142536 says:

:) thank you

karansb says:

lolz till the last moment i was thinking it was a Chinese/Malaysian guy cooking.

martin142536 says:

.. another option may be to stir fry tofu which has been frozen before and then cut into cubes after defrosting, but the inside structure will be different .. this is what I have experienced, but feel free and try different ways 🙂

martin142536 says:

Thank you, hard to say if that will be ok, because it depends much on the type of tofu that you use.. I used tofu which was not too hard but not too soft, the tofu created empty space inside the cubes during deep frying.. this way prepared cubes take more sauces while stir fried .. this will not happen if you stir fry tofu before adding to vegetable..

MrBj2020 says:

Good job man!! Looks Fantastic. You think if I stir fry Tofu before adding to vegs..would that be ok?

martin142536 says:

Yes, in fact I added two wok rings, one a time ago, then I found it better to have a higher ring so I added the second one, they are custom made and stackable. I found it is good to leave some little holes in it or some cut-out areas along the top ring rim to ensure free moving for hot air and flames. That is important for good heat redirection and for flambing and of course for the special “wok breathe”. You can see it in video Hot Flambed Beef:) Martin

NattHrafn says:

I found a store in sweden now, asking if there are any shops willing to send this across the border. The burner looks like yours and had a 9,2 KW effect at 30 mbar reduction, and 3 kPa. I just need to find something that protects it from wind. did you add some extra wokring you place it on top of?

martin142536 says:

Hi. The green case for the burner is custom made, the burner is bought from a gas shop here in Slovakia. The brand name is Sonarema, it´s made in France. The output is said about 10 kW when using 30 mbar reduction. The burner alone is not protected from wind, from my point of view without some side cover it is not suitable for outdoor cooking. But it is sold without any side cover. I wish you many successes in cooking. Martin:)

NattHrafn says:

where did you get that burner? I’m a wok/chinese food enthusiast who wants one of those for outdoor cooking in summer;).

szchoedee says:

thanks a lot martin… MANJARE BELO… BON APPETITO… God Bless you dude..

martin142536 says:

feel free to do that, it´s easy to cook and tasty:)

MiderWr says:

omnomnomnomnomn look verry nice 😀 I could try that out ^^

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