How to Make Ragu – Asian Beef Stew – Thit Bo Kho

How to make a French stew with Asian spices called Ragu or Asian beef stew. This hearty dish can be served with rice or eaten with bread. Also called – Thit Bo Kho. Watch, make and enjoy.


9ladymar says:

Looks very delicious and easy to make! ο»Ώ

hellonow32 says:

Looks so delicious Kai! I’m gonna try this. YUMM!

marcussurfer says:

can you come to my house and cook us a feast Kai?

juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus do don’t believe in science ? now that’s funny….

juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus Yea we all know how butter is all Vietnamese ( its really a
french thing ), why are you so hung up on it being Asian or Vietnamese……

juumeegogo says:

@V2011N Thanks for acknowledging that I’m almost right! I’m not going to
start another youtube battle lmao! Have a good day V2011N !

Mister Jinx 420 says:

That looks great, definately gonna try!

badjujuwan says:

Awww, no rice today. πŸ™‚

CautionCU says:


TheRiseagainstfan says:

@1piecemage probably he used a special edged peeler

brookhurstus says:

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Le I Johnson says:

I made this it was so gooooood

Foohypuba says:


Pablols7 says:

i feel like can almost smell it

juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus you spit on me …. I’d like to see you try ! go back to
Vietnam ho chi minh doesn’t rule that country any more so you have no
excuse unless you love America more than Vietnam and if that’s the case
then why don’t you admit it !!!! YOU LOVE AMERICA MORE THAN VIETNAM YOUR A

thi978 says:

Vietnamese Ragu…best comfort food! Love it

UntoldDarkness66 says:

:mouth waters: i wish i could eat that right now, but i hav none of the
ingredients πŸ™

juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus I’m happy that your happy ! My nation is the only reason why
your here so YOUR WELCOME !

juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus You have the right to believe what you want, and I have the
right to believe what I want so lets leave it at that, your not going to
change my way of thinking the same way I’m not going to change yours, so
our conversations are pointless. So brookhurstus this will be the last you
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juumeegogo says:

@brookhurstus You don’t know what my nationality is, and you never will !
So I find your replies very humorous. Please keep them coming : )

brookhurstus says:

This is Vietnamese beef stew , not asian beef stew. BO KHO , best beefstew.
LOVE it so muchhhhhh…

Yer Xiong says:

@ignatescuadi He said oyster sauce, soy sauce, and garlic marinated
overnight. =]

brookhurstus says:

@juumeegogo I’m Vietnamese , i know this BOKHO (Vietnamese beefstew) is
Vietnamese food, it’s not french food, like BANH MI THIT is Viet food not
french food, beef stew is not from france originally, even Ragu’ is not
from France, but originates from Italy.Do research before showing off your
shallow knowledge. This BO KHO is Vietnamese food not Asian’s ,and that ‘s
the truth. Does this mean i’m hung up on being something?

Xwillywonka says:

omggggggggggg so delicioussssssssssssssssssssssss baaba

Mark Ashton says:

@brookhurstus you sound so hateful…. i get from your message that thit bo
ski is viet not french but the guy who created this video is happy that
french cusine has mixed with asian spices… i like his why of thinking
more than yours……..

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