Indian Vegetarian Recipe: How to Make Kadai Vegetable with Roti, Naan or Rice

Here is a great vegetarian dish make with a lot of spices used in Indian cooking called Kadai Vegetables. This dish has a cashew, tomato and onion base and goes well with roti, naan and rice. Watch, try and enjoy!


105xyz says:

Hi Samyukta,I have tried many of your recipes and this is one of them. It
was really good. Please do post more recipes. Thanks a lot.

ready4relish says:

Of course.. Thanks and happy cooking!

ready4relish says:

It is true that neither the cashews were rotten nor there were any worms or
creepers in there for God’s sakes. It is a tiny mustard rolling on the
surface of the water. Sorry to say, but sometimes objects look differently
in videos.

rodyatube says:

Sorry for my misunderstanding. It looks like a broken cashew nut.

rodyatube says:

@ready4relish This is a serious mistake. The insect is so visible with the
rotten caschew nuts at 0:36

T. C. Phelps says:

Looks very tasty, and a great way to get a variety of veggies!

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