Indian Vegetarian Recipe: How to Make Curry Potato and Cauliflower – Aloo Gobi

Video showing how to make a curry potato and cauliflower dish from Northern India. This is a pure vegetarian dish with lots of familiar Indian spices. Enjoy!


kartar singh says:

nice cook,, i m sure a good person. but slightly annoying!!’ :)

Aman Parmar says:

You are so wrong about meat & vegetables. Vegetables comes natural flavor &
don’t have to season iy to eat it. But can you say her same about meat?
Will you ever eat meat without seasoning?

rohit vasudeva says:

Chef the quarter teaspoon looks more like half a cup

danYulia says:

just made it, and my tummy is so happy

Meeta Saha says:

Thank you chef…learning a lot of cooking from you !!!!!!!!!

tanya mittal says:

He is so cute
Nd I love ur recipes
Thanks for sharing 🙂 

Khan Zohra says:

I have made the dish and it was a great success , the family loved the
taste .thax for the recipe

Minoo Vasudevan says:

your recipe says 2tsp coriander one tsp chillipowder but your video says
less than quarter spoon of each powders which one we r supposed to follow
please reply

Ankit vishwakarma says:

thanku sir

Pree R says:

I have just cooked Aloo Gobhi with your recipe and it came out quiet well
Thanks for sharing this video with us…:) 

randalthor741 says:

Aloo gobi is my absolute favorite vegetarian dish, but it never occurred to
me to add a little crushed tomato, onion & green chili to it. Next time I
make it, I’m definitely going to give that a shot.

Prasad Balan says:

Awesome taste . We tried and it was excellent .

rohit vasudeva says:

Chef the quarter teasoon

hitesh kumar says:

Thanks Chef….A great help for a person like me who’s in a learning
process and have to cook all alone in UK, away from my family. :)

shiyam muru says:

I tried this recipe at home its come out well thanks 

kant says:

This turns out great. The only thing I did different is not dissolving the
masalas in water, but instead, putting them in the oil so they give great

This sucks says:

what where the ingredients 

fahad behjath says:

Good curry imade this curry gravy instead of fry.its also fab thanks for
the recipe


I also want to another simple and tasty curry

Anju Jibraan says:

plz watch our video
Oh Canada

Adventures With Sowmya says:

i love all your videos!! great work!

odexut swank says:

Great recipe. Seems like you are using Gulliver’s spoons!

Charan K says:

I’m sure his way is very delicious, but it is not at all how we make it in
my region in Punjab (of course aloo just means potato and gobhi cauliflower
and there are many ways to make them tasty).
We want to make it very simple; there are so many other dishes that have
tens of spices and all kinds of sauces in our region, but here we want just
the wonderful combination of fried potato and cauliflower.
We (with we I mean, as far as I know, everyone in my town) NEVER add tomato
to it, or water. You let the vegetables cook in their own steam. That’s how
we make ‘dry’ dishes.
For a two people’s portion I would first fry till tender, not burnt, in at
least 3 tbs of ghee 1 chopped/sliced medium size onion (if you are very
religious you will not put onion), 6 chillies (in my family we like almost
everything hot), couple of tbs of minced ginger. This can take up to 10
minutes – fire must not be very hot. Then add about 3 chopped/sliced
potatoes – lower fire. Stir for ten minutes, then add the cauliflower.
Again let fry for another 10 mins. Then I’d add turmeric and maybe some
chilli powder and generous amount of salt, s o m e t i m e s if I feel
like having it a bit more sour I will add a bit of dried mango powder (or
optionally some lemon in the end). You can also add asafoetida especially
if you didn’t use onions but also even if you did. We don’t put powdered
cumin because the taste is too strong for this dish. Mix it until all the
turmeric is covering the vegetables and then I put the fire even lower and
cover the karhai, and let it steam for 15-20 mins or until the vegetables
are done, stirring every now and then (but not too often – you actually
want to brown the veggies a bit). Sometimes I put the fire so low that I
can have 40 minutes to cook other things at the same time. When it’s done
I sprinkle some garam masala (of course my mother’s recipe for it. She got
it from her mother. Store bought ones are often not that good I hear…)
and mostly but not always some chopped fresh coriander or fenugreek leaves,
that depends if there is fresh coriander in another dish or soup. I have
some friends who like to put a bit of lemon juice, but our lemons are less
sour than the yellow ones in the west.
It’s so simple but the taste is so good! I recommend to try our way…
You really don’t have to worry about the veggies not cooking if you don’t
add water (or tomato), there really is enough water inside potatoes and
cauliflowers to steam them to be cooked.
By the way, I grew up vegetarian and I must say, you will never get bored
with the hundreds of different flavours and ingredients you can make
vegetarian food out of. There is a lot of ‘umami’ in the way we prepare

praskova2 says:

it seemed like the measurements for spices were in tablespoons instead of

Suralin0 says:

@PlumSkull Amchur powder *is* pretty hard to find here in the States if you
don’t have an Indian/Pakistani store nearby. Maybe lemon zest would work as
a substitute. Or maybe lemon juice, and then reduce the amount of water in
the dish later.

Lesley1000 says:

can you list the products used as this would be really useful thanks

RG1134 says:

@ 3.35…Dhing chick dhing chick….Chef what if you put your first finger
by mistake while playing with ding chick ding chik…Just kidding..had fun
watching all your vids…learned a lot to cook and its a therapy now….
Now i really enjoy my cooking…Thankyou chef

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