Easy Recipe for Cambodian Style Stir Fry Beef and Vegetables w/ Chow Fun Noodles

How to cook stir fry Cambodian Style beef with chow fun noodles and vegetables – Mee Ka Thang. Easy recipe. Like all Asian foods, once we have all the ingredients prepared it is fast. Enjoy!


HydnBB2 says:

Omg! I’m so hungry now and I just had a full meal…!!!

juan inigo grimaldi says:

i was worried if you have overcooked the veges.

Ratha Ung says:

black bean sauce???I never heard of it..is it the same as oyster sauce?

lomrithsa says:

Watching you eat make me hungry

KhmerSela says:

Well, I’ve just had a hearty meal, and seeing your dish still makes me hungry!
Thanks for sharing.

chibistk says:

I can understand your mom… and she sounds so cute! Reminds me of when my yeay tried teaching me (how to cook). 🙂 Thank you for the recipe!!

Elvin Pibul says:

your ma is a great cook. i can see she can cook many kinds of foods.

Ayleng Ly says:

Look yummy, u make me hungry now

Sokunthea I says:

You are both a great chef instruction of how to prepare the dish of Mee Ka-thang. I like your presenting of how to process it. I’ve learned what is exactly of the Recipe from you that I missed. Thanks for uploaded your video.

UnstoppableChef says:

i love ur videos! i hope u guys don’t run out of dishes to make! 😀

chivyp says:

can i has some?????????????? 😀

sissilatoupie says:

Your mom sounds like my mom :)!! Loved it!! I am so hungry now!!!!!! Merci!!

Gho5twriteR says:

One of my favs if you visit Australia go to Cabramatta new south wales sydney and head too the khmer side you won’t miss it,& there’s a little gem resturaunt called Battambang order the mee gah thang you won’t regret it the best!..

blakanguzz9 says:

Can you please add how much we should use next to the ingredients.

aznbarbie83 says:

ive been wanting this for a while now but not a whole lot of asian stores here and no fresh noodles that my parents mornaly use, what noodle pack/ brand did you and your mom use?

Jean Pierre says:

Love it ! Hope you’ll continous

bernymac20 says:

The way the meat is made to me is really important. Its able to soak up all of the sauce and to me is just better overall.

Oneheart4truluv says:

This was the best recipe ever!!! Thank you for sharing the secret to achieving the same consistency of meat like the restaurants. It tasted soOo good! *two thumbs up* for your mom! 🙂 keep up the great work and videos coming. 🙂

khmerkidlove says:


TheSweetand SassySisters says:

OMG You’re mom is so cute!

john montero says:

Looks really delicious.

bernymac20 says:

Describe the taste? I’ve had a couple of people who told me they made it and it came out great for them.

bernymac20 says:

We weren’t able to find the noodles or w/e it is at the Asian market.

Sun P says:

Who cares what they use to mix everything up with and how he eats at the end.  This isn’t the food network. Just some regular dude trying to show people how to make the dish. Damn people take youtube too serious.

srey khmer says:

she the BEST. i made it yesterday turn out nasty i dont know wht i did wrng

Ro Tep says:

Berny : When you gonna put a video og how to make loot cha?? It’s a very iconic khmer street food. 🙂

Febrezay says:

Your using a service spoon to stir fry and mix everything up? And that awkward moment when your eating the final product at the end without saying anything. Not even how it taste

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