Spicy Korean Recipe: How to Make Vegetarian Stir Fry Zucchini (Squash) and Carrot Side Dish – 호박볶음

Video showing how to make a vegan Zucchini and carrot stir fry or salad like they do in Korea. Enjoy!


luz vargas says:

We are spanish my family love this

MyFondestMemories says:

What’s a good substitute for mirin?

luz vargas says:

I love make this zucchini ummm delicioso

lookirl says:

I’m pretty sure it’s like msg.

Lydia Lai says:

“so nice to have my daughters home” LOL my mom says the same thing when
we’re cooking

Ommas Kitchen says:

That’s a great question and I’m not the best person to answer it but I
will. 🙂 I use mirin to enhance the flavor or balance the flavor like how
sugar or wine does to some dishes. The enhancement is very subtle but I’m
used to it.

kamjc says:

What does mirin do?

Ommas Kitchen says:

Yes, you can but make sure that you don’t add salt and sugar after you
taste it first because gochujang has sugar and salt. 🙂

Kathy Nguyen says:

Instead of red pepper flakes can I use red pepper paste?? Please answer

Nemodog says:

Omma, what are your thoughts on vitamin loss through salting and wilting
the vegetables? I wonder about this as there is so much color in the salted
vegetable water that is being washed away in the sink. I know that you are
very health conscious and so I am curious about what you think. I’m not
able to eat a lot of salt as it a bad influence on my health. I appreciate
your encouragement to wash the wilted vegetables longer if there is a need
to cut back on the sodium. Love your videos! 🙂

00lilili says:

oh i see 🙂 that’s briliant! i’m a university student and i have not much
time to cook. I’m not korean but i love korean food. thank you for your
help omma 😀 oh! is it possible for you to sort out side dishes which could
be kept in the refigerator for 1-2 days and the one up to 1 week? Thank

Ommas Kitchen says:

That’s a great comment. I wish that I was smart and can tell you the answer
about losing vitamin by salting the food. I thought that you lose vitamins
if you cook (heat) the food but I’m not sure about pickling. This dish was
not salty but I’ve used the salt to wilt and get the excess water out. I
don’t like salty food either. I’ve been eating raw vegetables, nuts and
seeds with creamy salad dressing made by sesame seeds lately and I’ve been
feeling great. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

Ommas Kitchen says:

Yes, that’s why I want it to salt it first. About calling Zucchini hobak, I
really don’t know why. I’m not even sure if zucchini is available in Korea.
I don’t remember seeing it. Enjoy the recipe 🙂

Ommas Kitchen says:

You’re welcome 🙂

Ommas Kitchen says:

Yes, you can and it lasts few days or even sometimes a week depending on
the salt content. You can eat this dish cold or warm. If it was cold, it
could be cucumber side dish.

Ommas Kitchen says:

It was very good raw too but I had to make a video for Vegan Bibimbap 🙂

1101JROD says:

Looks delicious! Korean food has been new to me this past year and I can’t
believe how much I crave some of those tastes on a regular basis now!

ItsMeFawn says:

I would so eat this raw — the only thing I would leave out in the green
onion. I do not like onions. But yes, I am going to make this (and eat it
raw with rice), LOL

Ommas Kitchen says:

Most of the side dishes last 5-7 days in the refrigerator and you’ll know
when it’s spoiled.

mentalsexion says:

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetable. I’ll definitely try it out!

Ommas Kitchen says:

I’ve heard that it’s good for water retention and lowers cholesterol & high
blood pressure and so many more. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor but
since it’s good for me, I’m eating it more often. Enjoy!

Ommas Kitchen says:


Joy I-W says:

You can put this in a container and store it for future table use right?
When living in Korea I recall a side dish like this, but it was cold…am I
thinking of the same thing?

kris1190 says:

Lol. I have a bunch of zucchinis I need to use before they go bad. I’m
going to try this. I have a few yellow squash too so I’m just going to
throw them in too. Thanks for this recipe!

Jinseo Lim says:

because i am a genius? no no but the real reason is because Salting removes
exess water, impurities etc So if u salt first it draws out the excess
water already thus when cooking it it dosent realease the water into the
food turning it mushy or stew it and will take a lot longer to caramelize,
because if u dont salt 1st it but the time is nice and golden and sweet its
mushy 😀 (sine i was young i loved watching cooking shows but i dont think
i learnt it from there)

Ommas Kitchen says:

You’re welcome and that’s a good idea and the color will be so pretty too

Ommas Kitchen says:

Jinseo, How did you know about Hobak getting watery and mushy without
salting it first? You must be a great cook and thanks for watching the
video :).

Ommas Kitchen says:

Yes, you are genius because lots of people don’t know about that. I used to
watch lots of cooking channel except the Korean ones. I don’t have Korean
channel and if I did, some did not make sense. Keep up the good work and
perhaps make some cooking video for me? 🙂

Ommas Kitchen says:

Yes, you can refrigerate the side dishes for at least couple of days or up
to a week. I usually use this side dish to make bibimbap by adding some
gochujang, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil and fried egg with rice. By
doing this, your plain side dish is another dish on its own and it’s really
delicious. 🙂

Jinseo Lim says:

so u salt it as u said to keep it crunchy, i am guessing because if you
dont the water comes out when cooking and stews the zucchini and like you
said truns it mushy. Also i have another question why do Korean call
zucchini hobak when it is aehobak? I always thought Hobak = pumpkin 🙂 I am
gonna make this tonigh as one of many side dishes 😀

00lilili says:

hi omma, i’m currrently cooking for myself. and i wonder if this sidedish
could be kept in the refrigerator for a day or two since i can’t finish it.
and can the side dishes in your other video be kept for 1 or 2 days? thank
you 🙂

almenabegum6 says:

Is that pickled garlic that ur using

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