Korean Soybean Side Dish – Kong Jang – Kong Jorim – 콩조림

Video showing how to make Kong Jang a little sweet soybean dish made in Korea with a little honey. Enjoy!


Maangchi says:

yes, it is. : )

theuglykwan says:

Is it the same method to make the sweet black bean dish?

Maangchi says:

It’s Beautiful Day’ by U2

Maangchi says:

@HarrietWoodvill great! Happy cooking!

vincing says:

Maangchi you are the best! I made Kimchi for the first time, and my roomate
who is a Westerner was blown away! She was afraid of trying the Korean
restaurants near her house (Steele and Young) but now she is curious! From
this recipe, I want to learn how to make the sweet potato side dish!

Tan Ngo says:

yet i am using your wtitten recipe YOURE AWESOME

misskit000 says:

Im really your fan! 🙂

ilusuens says:

what song is this? 🙂

Kpoprock77 says:

Thank u

watanuki2009 says:

Thanks for the awesome video. I would like to know how can i store this
disc and for how long?

Maangchi says:

@Artewilde kongjaban is also called kongjorim. Check out the recipe
kongjorim (soy bean side dish) on my website please. Thank u!

PooJiraiya says:

i recomend chilling it in the refridgerator before eating

Maangchi says:

Yes, it’s easy! : )

bestiaccia says:

It looks good, thank you!

Artewilde says:

Hello! I watch your videos all the time and have learned so much from you!
I asked you about a year ago if you were going to post instruction on
making Kong Jaban…..will you be doing this any time soon? Thanks again! 🙂

evilkate666 says:

happy v-day to you too maangchi….

snownina1231 says:

Thank you! I’ve got a question. Can I use this recipe to cook potatoe?

sirenatse82 says:

I wanna try to make this but I wonder if I could cook this with other kinds
of beans?

Maangchi says:

oh, you must be living in Toronto! check out my blog where you will see the
recipe for fried sweet potato. Your friend will love it, too.

Maangchi says:

yes, it’s very easy recipe, and also healthy food. What else? oh, it costs
very cheap and of course delicious.

Maangchi says:

Thank you very much! Kong jang is very easy to make!

midtownjohn says:

Will the soy sauce make it taste too salty ??

Maangchi says:

what kind of potato dish are you talking about? small size of whole
potatoes? or sliced potatoes or cube shape potato dish? It’s a little
different recipe from potato dish. I will post it later.

Harriet Woodvill says:

I love this dish – I used to make it years ago, then lost the recipe. Then
I found your video – very clear instructions, it helped a lot to make it

tiffanysml says:

I could not thank you enough for providing me the secret of this recipe! I
am going to try it as soon as possible. Thank you so much Maangchi, you are
absolutely wonderful!

rezzoro says:

every dish that you make is superb and out of this world i wish to see u on
foodnetwork or some kind of aisan cooking show, i’m sure everyone sees you
agree that you are a very good cook as well as possess the personality to
do a good cooking show

Maangchi says:

Thank you!

fataloptimist says:

Thank you for sharing this recipe. It brought tears to my eyes as I was
thinking of my grandma – she made that for me very often.

sirenatse82 says:

I made this today and it tastes so delicious. I keep spying on my
refrigerator lol …. because of the soy bean side dish… ha ha ha ha

ltkman says:

I love it…. You’re a profesional Korean’s chef.

Maangchi says:

yay, thanks a lot! : )

Maangchi says:

Thank you!

undalite says:

I made this today! Thank you so much for the recipe! Delicious! XD

Maangchi says:

Thanks, I watched my grand mother and mother cooking and I have cooked for
a long time for my family. Now I give some good tips to my mother.

crazyseoulsister says:

Maangchi, I am wondering if this is also prepared with peanuts? Is it the
same procedure? I have eaten the peanuts in a soy sauce usually at galbi
restaurants. I just watched your oi kimchi and my mouth is watering after
both of these! You are a dear for posting these!

hiEverybodyitsMe says:

u seems to make very good korean food.

pulsedrop says:

@xhugdashredderx you can find them at a lot of bulk food stores (in Canada,
we have Bulk Barn), or you might be able to get them at a Chinese

Maangchi says:

You, too!

erica1680 says:

Thank you so much for everything. You are the best.

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