Korean SideDish: Healthy Seasoned Dry Seaweed – Doljaban Muchim – 돌자반무침

Video showing how to make Doljaban or Gimjaban which is dried seaweed seasoned with garlic, green onions, soy sauce and sugar. Enjoy!


Pearl Walton says:

Thank you! I got a side dish cookbook in Korea and made this, but it had me
add mayonaise which made it taste funny. I will try this one! It will be

Maangchi says:

Please check out the recipe on my website. You will see the photo of the
right ingredients.

jhoie Ramirez says:

i bought the seasoned seaweed strips..i was not able to find doljaban here
in the Philippines..can i use this seaweed for this recipe?thanks

Maangchi says:

Thank you, Helen!

Helen Kang says:

Ahhhhh!! LOVE, not lobe. Kekekeke…

Helen Kang says:

ㅋㅋㅋ… 넘 넘 귀여우세요! Oh and thank you, my husband will lobe this side dish
very much 🙂

Maangchi says:

yes, the flavor of this dish is very similar to nori (kim in Korean). yum!

miyubail says:

Hi, I made this last night. I made1/3 portion for my small family. Boy I
was wrong, my son ate tons of it with steamed rice. It was delicious and
reminded me of seasoned wet Nori. Our Korean friend said the best-n-easiest
snack for him is steamed rice mixed with Kojujan and soysauce. It was good.

Ria Lim says:

i think giant imm shld have it

Reinier Servaas says:

Just put a pillow case around it and have good sleep 🙂

pini2k says:

My Korean friend sent me two bags of “자반볶음” from Korean. I think it’s the
same thing. Even if it’s not, I LOVE IT! The sugar makes the 김 even tastier

kristbjorg999 says:

I need to try this recipe NOW 🙂 thank you

Yer Lee says:

Dang that’s huge! I freaking love your Shirt!

susique333 says:

You are so cute and funny! Thank you!

sleepzagirl says:

Do need to wash the seaweeds?? i don’t think it is sensible right? but is
it alright to eat without washing??

Cesia C says:

Hi, Maanchi long time for me checking your channel, but I was crabbing good
food. My question is how long can it stays in the fridge? For side dishes I
always need to know the time since I do not want to make to much 🙂 Thanks

redmoonsheep says:

@Clemontiny77 it has water and sugar. lol it won’t last that long. unless
you really love it.

Arthur Hovey says:

Thank-you, Maangchi, for showing us how to prepare the seasoned seaweed. I
want to try it but I am hoping to avoid the fishy smell & taste. Thank-you
once again.

Pawra Myan says:

Ahh I want to make this now. I usually buy the packaged seasoned seaweed,
but this is veryyy easy.

liarsclub75 says:

I made this ahead of time, as I was going to serve it with bibimbap
tomorrow, but it was so good, we ate it all tonight with rice. I used 2
packages of toasted seaweed that is used for sushi. (About 40 sheets) It
was enough for 2 people.

NewName says:

YouTube <3

DizzzyKipper says:

where did you get that big bag? I would like to purchase some. Thanks.

TheKumima says:

hi, it it fantastic the receipe , I wonder if ican do it with NORI the
japanesse seaweed,thanks for everything bye

OkSiPak says:

Since we live by the Pacific Ocean, we will be harvesting the seaweed and
making this delicious looking recipe. I love seaweed! Thank Maangchi! 🙂

senecaperson says:

@Foxillia my mom buys it and its called pah-reh.

odiekable says:

Where do you get that giant bag of seaweed?

Doph G says:

@Maangchi okay! i shall go and find it! thanks! it must taste awesome

rustypaperclip says:

maangchi, oh maangchi. you are so cute. also, that looks so good.

usagichansakura x says:

is it healthy? would it be good for diets? >3<

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