Korean Royal Court Stir Fried Beef and Rice Cakes – Gungjungddeokbokki – 궁중떡볶이

Video showing how to make a Korean Royal Court Stir Fried – Gungjungddeokbokki. Enjoy!


Lele Chen says:

Thank you for sharing! I tried this recipe yesterday, and it was very
delicious. However, mine turned out a lot more watery compare to yours.
There was a lot of juice from the vegetables. Is there anything I can do to
make it better next time? Should I add less water? Maybe cooking it longer?
The rice cake was already at a good consistency, would cooking it longer
make the rice cake too swollen and too soft?

NERDS says:

Ha! Looks so easy BUT I couldn’t even make the rice cake portion from
scatch!!! Fail. Don’t know how cuz that video looks easy too!

clayripblair says:

yuuuuuumy im definitely making it

KoruEcoSpa says:

You can get this in Australia at fast food stands veggie style, it is
SOoooooo delish. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.

Park Soyeon says:

You’re so damn cute :

THEMayeee says:

Do I need to precook the rice cake first??

Maangchi says:

Yes, you can skip beef. It will still turn out delicious.

Thanh Tran says:

Can i use a lot of vegetable instead of beef? I’m vegeterian

Maangchi says:

yes, I think it will be tasty, too.

greenleaf1301 says:

Thank you for posting this recipe maangchi..i don’t eat beef so would it
taste good if i substitute the beef with chicken breast? or maybe i should
just make a vegetarian ddeokbokki?

mslynduh says:

Omg look so good. Now all i need to do is find some rice cake and make me

Izuna Uchiha says:

Hi, Maangchi! I really enjoy watching your videos, you make me want to try
out many Korean dishes! :3 My problem is that I’m from a small town in
Sweden, and can’t seem to find many Korean ingredients here D: So I wonder
if you know what I can substitute corn syrup and rice syrup with? :3 This
dish makes my mouth watery! ^-^ Keep up the awesome work with your food!

Gabriela Alvarez says:

Love uuuu maangchi ur the best. So lovely. ♡♡♡

LadyChoi says:

Hi Maangchi, I hope you can make the marinated crab 🙂

Maangchi says:

oh yeah? Great!! : ) Nice meeting you through my YouTube channel!

Genia y CabaLLo says:

Awesome! I can’t eat spicy and I’m a vegetarian. 😉 So I’m gonna use soy
meat instead. I think it’ll still be delicious. TY 🙂

Susanna Chico says:

Brava !!! i like yuor cusin!!

mernaselena says:

Can i use something instead of sesame oil ?

ryder19 says:

Hello maangchi… I just wanted to say I love your channel and recipe’s. I
was wondering if I can make this recipe without the beef but adding tofu or
anything else since me and my girlfriend are both vegetarians. I want to
make this on valentines day and surprise her with one of your recipe’s.
Greetings from the Netherlands, Michael P.S. will you ever come back to the
Netherlands for a trip.

VinceAndHisKpop says:

Wow!! It looks deliciouss!! I really shouldn’t be watching this when I’m so
hungry, but I just can’t help it!! lol

Rm R says:

Hi Maangchi! I love your cooking. I’m wondering what brand and type of
knife you are using when you chop your vegetables. Thanks for the tutorials
and maybe I can master chopping like you someday. I just need a new knife
that is good and sharp like yours.

PKSPZZ says:

wow i loved this recipe!

Urlaub im schönen Frankenland in Bayern says:

very nice video (。◕‿◕。) thumbs up ★★★★★

lumaness says:

Yay!! I’m so glad there is a non spicy ddeboukki! Every time I go to a
resturant I have to ask them to make it not spicy nd sometimes they refuse!
I’m definitely going to try this for dinner tonight! Thanks Manngchi!!! 🙂

instantramen says:

Watching you cut and slice vegetables with the volume on high is therapy to
me. : )

Lynea Elisabeth says:

This was too much fun to watch. My face hurts from smiling. Me after
watching Maangchi cooking video—-> 😀

lolo101520 says:

Looks yammy …

pimmmms says:

woahhhh i really would like to try this! hmmmmm

Maangchi says:


soschadao says:

a student of mine gave me my first taste of ddeokbokki, and it was so
delicious, i think i will like this version as well!

Michael Vasquez says:

there aren’t mushrooms in russia? that is crazy?

rose lp sol says:

즐거운 설날보내세요~!!

SissiSaatana says:

I’ve absolutely love this recept lots of luv to u maangchi, yesterday I
improvised this and used it with fried potatoes worked really well with
them also <3

Maangchi says:

Please check out a list of worldwide Korean grocery stores on my website
please. I hope you can find one in your area.

Lyssnerskan says:

What is the name of the music playing? Delicious looking food as usual

airplainchild says:

That looks soooo delicious! especially since I’m a wimp when it comes to
spicy food. =p Also, that shirt is really awesome!

Minathene says:

It is a little odd reading german (the poster on the right) in an english
video about korean food. Loved the recipe…I am going to try it.

C Celeste says:

Happy new year of snake. Maangchi!!!!!!!

ssj4vic says:

love the food.I smile during every recipe.

Maangchi says:

oh then, blanch the hard rice cake in boiling water until soft. Or soak the
hard rice cake in cold water about 30 minutes before cooking. Good luck! ^^

marinly garcia says:

Oh Maangchi You always make my mouth full of water You are the best cooker
i ever found on

floridante2k says:

Beautifully done!!!

wlau221 says:

Wow. Talk about a lot of prep work! 😀 Haha.

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