Korean Recipe: How to Pickle Cucumber – Spicy Cucumber Pickle Salad – Cold Cucumber Pickle Soup – Oijangajji – 오이장아찌

This video shows first how the Koreans make a pickle cucumber and then goes to show how to use these pickle cucumbers in a salad and a soup. Enjoy!


Maangchi says:

The cucumber will go soggy if you don’t keep it in the fridge. good luck!

sabrina zaini says:

hi, earlier you said that it will be ok up to 3 months if we keep it in the
fridge. what if we don’t keep it in the fridge? can it last at least 1
month?because i’m thinking to bring it to my hostel, and we don’t fridge
there. hope you can answer me.

Mausie Sylvani says:

i am only interested for a recipe that is good for one, are you selling
those preps, I might try a little bit with apples. thanks.Sorry not paying
attention, have togo back to your instructions

jabraxxus says:

I love your channel. I have a small farm and was asked by a few dear
friends, to grow Korean Vegetables for the market. The are a lovely couple
and I trust them with my life. We will be doing this together as they have
the knowledge of what is needed in the community. We they also agreed to
help with my aquaculture project. It seems that Sashimi is a staple in
Korean culture. So we will have fish as well. By the way you are beautiful.
Blessings to you.

moomoobaby says:

hi maangchi, I really want to try making this but how long can the
cucumbers last for? Im afraid that it would turn bad cause its a really
huge jar

Maangchi says:

It will be ok up to 3 months if you keep it in the fridge.

eeilsel4 says:

is this the cucumbers i usually see at korean restaurants as side dishes???

Maangchi says:

oh, yeah? mine is ok. I have some pickles made a month ago, and it is still

Lea Machis says:

Maangchi you’re wonderful! CAn I still eat it after one week or over? I
MEAN THE cucumber

Jennifer Tourangeau says:

How long can you keep (or preserve) the pickled cucumber in the jar ? The
longer you let the cucumbers sits, the more pickled they get right ?

arose4lee says:

Can you boil apple juice instead of using fresh apples?

freitasex says:

Some day I will make pickles!

bertintowncenter says:

Looks Delicious !! I love home made pickles !! I am still in Massachusetts
until next Wednesday. Thanks for this Recipe!

kirstie d says:

Omg I love you! You made something using all of my fav foods! Pickles,
garlic, hot peppers, vinegar and salt!

koreatastic says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! U didnt use a Maangchi to crush the ice just like in ur
kong guksoo video! :'(!
Thanks Maangchi for the recipe!

Kakai Estoista says:

hope i have a sister like you maangchi!~

Maangchi says:

Welcome to my cooking channel!

DesertEa9le says:

looks good

PrincessCopyright says:

Omg i got so hungry after watching this i went and made a midnight salad
.Was Delicious!

yosoycocinera says:

Muchas Gracias. Muy interesante!

Maangchi says:

@momo4youx3 oh, you don’t like cold food? You don’t have to put ice cubes
in it then.

Maangchi says:

Instead of using sugar, I used apples in this recipe. You could use sugar.

Maangchi says:

@boralady until it runs out. You can enjoy your oijangahjji until it’s
gone. But if you make a lot, I recommend taking care of the salty juice
from the jar a couple of times. Take only salty water by using a strainer,
and boil and cool it down. Add the salty water to the jar again with the
salty cucumbers. Good luck! : )

Suki314 says:

Thank you very much for your videos! All your recipie look so yummy! I will
definitly try it! Thanks a lot! You have a lot of talent! lol 🙂

Artewilde says:

Thank you….I was referring to a dish that is made with korean black
beans….. Is it not the same, I think its made with black beans, sugar,
soy, garlic, green onions, seasame oil, and seasame seeds…..I just dont
know how to make it 🙁 My best friend is Korean, and his mother makes it
some times, but she is getting older, and my best friend has asked me to
learn how to make it! 🙂

GenjitsuSama says:

Just made some today, hopefully they turn out good! Even though I had to
use sugar instead of apples, really liked the color the apple made.

Maangchi says:

interesting! I have never heard about cold black noodles. If you want to
discuss more about the noodles, please leave your message on the forum on
my website. Someone else may give you a good answer.

katherine sooksavath says:

@Maangchi I went to a Kbbq place today and I ate what I thought was
cucumber Kimchi but there was nothing stuffed so i came here and I think it
is the Oijangajji muchim it was sweet slightly salty and not tart at all i
loved it i was wondering if it was the same because theirs really looks
more like kimchi. Thank you!

HybridSquidGirl says:

^ v ^ Thank you! <3

xxjungahfantasyxx says:

yay~!! i love mujigae ddeok!! ♥

SGVBaller5 says:

My guess is possibly some rare kind of noodle for jabchae/neng myun

xenia31479 says:

@Maangchi Ah I see. And is it made the same way you make the cucumber
pickles as you show us in your video or there is another recipe? ^^

psgman41 says:

as usual, awesome recipe. oijangajji. that sounds more difficult to
pronounce it than to make it

Kakai Estoista says:

ma angchi? after cooling down the cucumber with brine and put it in the
jar? should i put it in the fridge? while waiting for 24 hours?

galaxiatic says:


cinderaimee says:

yummy! I love cucumbers and pickles! I have to try these soon 🙂 on
koreancuisine, she just posted an oisoboki recipe, it must be cucumber

Maangchi says:


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